Solar energy laws in California


Well have seen that here they have refused house plans because it would call for removing a tree they decided should not be removed


When the backup is central then you still need the full scale grid. The most efficient energy storage is water behind a dam. You can use it as storage by consuming solar or wind or whatever for energy, while you hold back the water. Then when those sources are not available you run the hydro. Has been done for over a hundred years. Some installations even have the capability to use the hydro turbines a pumps. You pump the water up when there is surplus energy, and then consume it to generate power when the grid is short. TVA’s Racoon Mountain is an example of that technolgoy. The reservoir is located at the top of a mountain. I’ve been there. It is quite the facility.


Thanks for the explanation. Yes, based on your previous astute comment, I was ignorantly assuming that there was no way to escape a power grid but that it would serve (somehow) as a way of banking renewable energy from distributed systems and then delivering the stored energy to buffer lulls in renewable.


And then there’s the fact that each blade has to be hauled by a separate truck . . .