Soft sound perception DIY oticon help


when self programming my oticon xceed i found that soft sound perpception option for my right hearing aid is disabled ( using DSE) …why ?
while in VAC+ it s working fine

You must have inadvertently decoupled the right and left sides;

i have coupled them and the issue is same

Okay, I got lost. The printout shows Blue/Left set to Detail and Red/Right not set. Maybe start again just in case the settings were changed for one side and not the other??

nothing change :confused:

Yes but can you change it? If a person wants to decouple and set each side differently then that is allowed.

We don’t know if you changed it, saved it, or what.

Try decouple, and then set both sides the same, recouple and then see if you can now adjust both sides together.

i dit that it s still disabled

this is setting tunning :

You are still decoupled. Click the couple/decouple icon.

i have try all coipled/ incoupled update no results

i am working on dso tunnig not vac+

Do you want to adjust your Left hearing aid without adjusting the Right?
Do you want to adjust your Right hearing aid without adjusting the Left?

All of you screen prints show that you want to adjust them separately. Is that what you are trying to do? Adjust your hearing aids one at a time? I don’t think so. But your screen prints show that you are adjusting only one hearing aid, not both.

Show us a screen print of your SOUND CONTROLS coupled. We have not seen that yet?


Yes I know. The screen prints were just an example to show Coupled versus Uncoupled. I can snip two more screen clips (showing Coupled versus Uncoupled and dso) if that will help.

Have you tried the suggestion to click the Couple/Uncouple icon? This is what it looks like. Click it on your computer please;


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Thanks for Coupling your hearing aids for adjusting both at the same time. I tried to duplicate your SOUND CONTROL right side off problem and I cannot duplicate this.

I can uncouple and then set right/left slightly different.

Then after I couple again, I can adjust both while they remain slightly different;

But I cannot turn the right side off. Maybe something in your hearing loss/audiogram is beyond the range of soft sound perception help? But I’m just guessing.

Maybe other members could help? Also, if we could view your audiogram like you can view our audiograms, then we could try to duplicate this (right side off) problem.

ETA: and Yes I was using DSE.

ETA: Here’s a similar situation;