Social Stigma

I posted this question a while back but i dont think anybody replied to me. Iv’e been hearing a lot about the social stigma attached to wearing hearing aids and it confuses me. I have also read that some people actually chooses not to wear hearing aids because of this stigma. Can someone pls tell me what social stigma is attached to hearing aids and if its really as bad as it sounds. I have had no experience in this since i started wearing my hearing aid. In fact, things have gotten better with friends, family and colleagues. Maybe im just blind to it?

To the best of my knowledge there is no social stigma attached to wearing aids. In my experience a person with an uncorrected hearing loss is far more noticeable than a person who wears hearing aids.

People I have known for years have been surprised to finally notice that I wear hearing aids, they hadn’t really paid that much attention. Most people are not very observant. We hearing aid wearers can spot another hearing aid wearer clear across the room.

Either that or they really don’t care.

I have short hair and my BTEs are visible. I like this because if I am having a problem hearing, the speaker does not have to say to himself, ‘is that guy hard of hearing or something?’ because they answer that question outright.

Like her or not, look what Sarah Palin did for eyeglasses!

One of the things I learned early on when I got aids 6+ years ago was that only other wearers recognize you have aids. No one else notices. I had this conversation at lunch with co-workers a few weeks ago, and two of us wear aids. Everyone else was very surprised to finally notice, after I blatantly pointed it out, that I was wearing hearing aids.

Stigma, what stigma?:stuck_out_tongue:

I decided a long time ago I should not concern myself with these kinds of personal problems people can have. :slight_smile:

Four eyes never bother me because I could finally see what I was missing. :slight_smile:

To anyone who thinks that my hearing aids put me in any sort of social disadvantage, I have an answer, quoted from an old movie - “Frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a damn!”

I am in the process of entering into a subcontract on a new consulting assignment. I am looking forward to the work, and I think it will be a tremendous advantage to be able to hear better at the many meetings that will be involved. I’ll let you know if I find I am “stigmatized” by the fact that I am wearing hearing aids.

I do know that it used to be embarrassing to have to ask folks to repeat so often.:o With the hearing aids, I have to ask for a repeat MUCH less often.:smiley:

i’m 16 yr old with a no. 1 and BTE and my parents hate me weaaring aids one of the reasons i’m in foster care. i have had aids for 6 months wasnt born and have had to make the desicon to move out cos of my aids.

now i am in deaf community and dont look back and if anyone has a problem with my aids i say get over it or i will only sign.

i recommed aids any day over not hearing any day.

social stigma of aids and people not talking 2 u cos of ur aids. or people not talking to u cos ur not listening.

Hi everyone,

I’m 32 years old and I’ve been earing hearing aids for about 5 years now. I must admit I was pertrified of being “labelled” as disabled by friends and family when I first got my hearing aids. I had the idea in my head that people would think less of me. I had to make a conscisous effort to shake this off and just be me regardless of anyone else.

Eventually when it became apparent that I needed to move to BTE’s about 8 months ago, again this was a huge transition for me personally… only in terms of my own mindset I might add.

I think that there is this perception that there is a line between between being “normal” and being “disabled”. In my own personal experience, I’ve found that once I had sorted out my own personal issues around how I felt about wearing hearing aids, my friends, family and colleagues took their cue from me. My behaviour and attitude set the tone for everything else. I’ve had to realise, that in my own eyes and in my own opionin, I am still “me”, nothing less and I am not diminished in any way because of my hearing loss. :slight_smile:

Most people don’t even realise that I wear hearing aids; and close friends and family tend to forget that I have the hearing aids! :smiley:

I think my own feelings was born out of fear of the unknown world I was entering… only to discover that it’s exactly the same world that eveyone else lives in… and it’s me that dictates my own happiness, comfort and enjoyment of life.

I guess I’m just saying that, stigma or no stigma, it’s what you make of it personally that makes the difference in the end.