So, now what?

Two weeks ago I was informed I had a hearing loss and although I wasn’t surprised I was surprised it was bad enough to warrant hearing aids. I talked to the ENT and then I spent quite a bit of time with the audiologist, talked to my wife, a co-worker that has had aids for quite a few years and I have done quite a bit of internet searching (which is how I found this board) and I have been though a number of emotions, but today I ordered the hearing aids and expect to pick them up on Friday morning. The aids are the Phonak micro eXtra 100 AZ open fit.

So, now what happens? Since I’m new to this procedure I have no idea what to expect. As I understand the process the aid will be fitted physically and then programmed. What happens during the programming process besides the basic aid –to –PC connection? I do understand the programming is based upon my personal parameters, but how long does this take, and hour, two? I’m not looking for specifics, just range. What should I expect to hear? What do I do the first few hours or the first few days? Wear the aids as much as possible and go about life as usual? Or wear them just a few hours a day to adjust. I also understand some patience is required and quite possibly many visits to the audi, how does it typically take the brain (in my case an older brain) to accept the new inputs? Again, I’m not looking for specifics, just range. I trust the audiologist, but I want to be prepared mentally and to know what to expect and what questions to ask and I figure the better prepared I am the easier this transition will be.

Thanks for any help or input.

I just wanted to wish you the best of luck! Sorry, I do not have any answers. I am getting mine today.

Best of luck to you! Which one are you getting?

I posted my follow-up in this forum under :

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or you can go directly to the thread :

It helped for me - hope this does for you too!
All the Best :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip; nice write up.

I am wearing the Oticon Delta 6000’s. The verdict is still very much out…it is the first day.

Process took about an hour
Since I received Siemens Artis 2P BTE aids the hardest part was learning how to put them in and take them out.

She started me off at somewhere well below full setting.
They are comfortable and I think I hear better in at least one ear.
My right ear is high moderate and will take a while to increase the settings to receive full benefit. The left ear is typical 30 to 70 slope so it isn’t as difficult to improve noticeably. I thought phones might be difficult but my left ear is doing well on the phone. My work requires constant phone use.

So far so good. At dinner eating veggies was an experience. Constant loud crunching on the slightly under cooked broccoli. Don’t say ugh, I love the stuff.

It is now 10:15 est and I have worn them since installed at noon.
I’ll what experiences I have tomorrow.
Take care,

Are your BTEs the open style?

Good luck, looking forward to read your report tomorrow.

They are still in and doing well though I can really hear the key board as I type this note…never noticed it before.

No, my Artis 2Ps have an ear mold though very modified and small.
My audiologist recommended this particular arrangement because of my loss in my right ear (about flat 55 to 65 across the spectrum)…clearly I was hearing much with this ear. My left ear is more typical 30 thru 70 and it was doing all the work. Left ear would probably do well with a canal aid or even an open fit of one type or another. My audiologist felt that it was really important to get the right ear working again. Also felt that I needed some additional latitude so if the hearing loss inc. the aids could accommodate this easily. Also the two needed to be compatible since they synchronize with one another.
All this seems to be true and working well at the moment.

Hello Peter:

I am glad you are doing well with them so far. I understand about the typing and the keyboard sounds - I received mine yesturday and that was the first thing I noticed this morning.

Look forward to hearing more about your experiences.

It will take a while to get used to them for sure!

My advice is to take it slow. If things become overwhelming and there are just to many sounds take them out. Wait until you don’t feel stressed or overwhelmed and try again. I remember when I got my Savia Arts after not wearing aids for 6 years, I heard so many sounds that I hadn’t heard in well…6 years! Paper was the worst! Whenever someone would rustle paper it sounded like genocide by machiene gun LOL! It took me about a week of working with them to figure it out. Just don’t push yourself to hard with them. If it is to much sound, take them out and try again in an hour or so!

Good luck to all of you just getting aids for the first time! Feel free to ask more questions, or PM me!

I picked up the HAs this morning and went through the setup, cleaning instructions and the audi answered the question I had. Instead of the Phonak eXtra she put me in a ReSound Dot10. And so far I like them. The left ear I have to keep reseating, but I’m going back this afternoon the try a larger dome size.

So far I can tell quite a bit of difference. I heard squeaks in my car I hadn’t heard before and when I talked to my wife one of the first things she said was that I was already talking softer. I can hear both of my dog’s claws well enough on the hardwood floor to know they need trimming. I can hear the click on my keyboard as I type this and when I took my dogs outside what birds I could hear before I could hear more clearly and I could hear more birds.

I am worried about the effect in my car and how much of a challenge that is going to be. It’s raining here today so I couldn’t put the top down or open a window, maybe Sunday though.

Back from the audi visit with lager domes and anchors and it appears to be a great fix.