So many choices

I am completely ignorant re the subject of hearing aids.
Wife has -3db high end loss.
Are the diyhearingaids products worth looking at further?

The two sources most talked about on this forum are and It is my understanding that you should be prepared to spend considerable time learning how to program them. For some people that is fine. Others (like myself) looked at their products and found them lacking, and/or did not like their return policies.
Both offer self programmable HA’s and both use different technology. Both offer 30 day trial periods but Hear Source charges 10% plus S&H if you send them back. America Hears offers 100% money back guarantee.
Both are considered mid range HA’s and they seem to work well for many people. If you want higher end aids with more bells and whistles (Bluetooth, wireless, etc) you will have to see an audiologist. Costco offers higher end HA’s at deeply discounted prices, which are manufactured by major HA companies such as Rexton, ReSound and Bernafon, and offers as many appointments as needed to properly fit them to your satisfaction.

diyhearingaids is the same company as hearsource. They are lower to mid range aids that lack some of the latest features.

Almost all hearing aid providers give a free trial period of 30 days or longer. I am currently trying some aids with a 60 day trial period. Diyhearingaids and hearsource require the aids to be received by them withinn 30 days and they charge a 10% fee, so it would cost you that fee plus return shipping.

I do not know what support hours diyhearingaids offers. Hearsource advertises 9AM - 9PM Eastern, but they are only open 9AM - 5PM Eastern time. Since both companies have the same address, I suspect those are diyhearingaid’s hours too.

Their hearing aids only use one microphone at a time. Most hearing aids on the market today use multiple microphones to provide more adjustment options. You can get their aids with a second directional microphone, but you can only use one at a time for each program.

They may work for your wife if she is interested in self programming. I just wanted to let you know of some of the limits I faced. I ended up returning my hearsource aids because I felt I needed higher end aids.

I hope your wife finds aids that suit her. If there is a Costco store near you, some people have been able to try aids while they shop. That may be another option for you.

If you were going to hire a hearing aid adjuster and fitter, what questions would you ask and what qualifications would you look for? How about heavy experience with the brands of hearing aids, considerable audiology education, and experience with the type of loss your wife has? That’s a good start, yes? Do you meet any of those qualifications?

if no, then get a pro (hey, it rhymes).


It is very important to hire a hearing aid adjuster and fitter who is skilled with their product and will listen to your concerns and adjust the aids to improve their performance.

Unfortunately, some professionals adjust the product and expect tha it is working perfectly. People are individuals and these sophisticated products need to be adjusted for the individual’s needs.

Think I better explain about microphones (mikes) to correct a previous post.

All but the most inexpensive aids on the market today have two mikes so as to provide for directional responce which is very important in a noisy environment. Usually this dual mike directionable thing is adjustable to be on all the time in a particular program or the aid can be programmed to automatically sense the direction of speech and focus on it. Or the aid can have a program with the mikes set for omni (all directions). Your fitter can program the aids to best suit your needs in this regard.

The effectiveness of this focus is measured by the Directional Index, the higher the better…a DI of 6 (db) or more is considered very good.

Usually both mikes are always being used…technically the phasing of the mikes is what determines the azimuth response curve. Ed

Just a little correction, most (not all) hearing aid dealers charge a “fitting” or “dispensing” fee associated with the selling of their hearing aids. Some states don’t allow that, but I think that most do. My previous hearing aids were sold to me with this type of arrangement (Missouri). I don’t expect for anybody to work for me or on my behalf for nothing. It is my hearing loss not theirs. Many hearing aid dealers can “throw in” a lot of extra bells and whistles with their aids, but they sell their hearing aid package to you for 6 or 7 or even 8 thousand dollars a set. I paid about two grand for my aids. I could not have afforded hearing aids if they were priced what I had been quoted by my local hearing aid sales stores.

Additionally, I have called HearSource after 5 p.m. (EST) and they have always been open. I get off work at 5 p.m. Central time, drive home and have made contact with them multiple times. Also you advise that they only have one mic and do not offer directional mic’s. I wear the open ear thin tube type hearing aids from hearsource and mine DO have two mic’s. I have one of my programs set up for “directional” use and I have the option of even picking which type of “directional” I want from a list of about 8 or 9 options. As I reviewed their website I see “directional mics” as an option. They charge $99 for that.

One last little correction is that diyhearing aids is not hearsource. I have personally asked about this as it has come up before. diy sells hearsource brand hearing aids. As do several other folks on the internet. No different than every hearing aid office in America selling starkey, siemens, etc., etc.

And yes, good luck to you and don’t be afraid of the personal programming option. I am truly happy with mine and I have been wearing them for about 2 1/2 years or so (not 30 days or less). Some of these folks in here buy form one manufacturer, and then from another, and then from another, always taking “advantage” of a liberal return policy. It seems as if they have made a “hobby” of going from brand to brand looking for the “perfect” hearing aid. I am on my 3rd set of hearing aids (Beltone, Siemens, HearSource) in 16 years and there is no such thing. But I do believe that most hearing aid manufacturers use the same or similar components with similar or the same available technologies. Do your own homework, it looks like there are two suppliers of components (Sonion and Knowles) and one basic supplier of the hearing aid chips (ON Semiconductor)

Costco does offer good pricing on good hearing aids, and that is always an available option if the personal programming system is not important for you.

Good luck in your quest.

I have called hearsource after 5PM Eastern and got their automated message. They told me that was a recent change in the past couple of months.

I did not say that that they do not offer directional mics. In fact, the aids I trialed had those mics. I said that the aids only use one microphone per program. Many aids today, including my 7 year old Widex aids, use multiple microphones in the same program.

diy sells hearsource aids and their address is the same. BTW, the “parent” company is Manan Hearing Care ( that provides onsite hearing aid services in retirement homes. In fact, my hearsource software was branded as Manan. Hearsource & Manan use the same phone number too.

Two years ago, what you said may be true. Today, the technology does vary widely. I could barely stand the Phonak aids I trialed, but the current Starkey aids have been a joy from the first fitting.

I am sure that for some with more moderate needs, hearsource may be a good option as long as they know the limitations.

Again, another post quoting the hearsource URL: twice this time. You must work in marketing…

Just for reference the larger manufacturers write their own IC fabrication and don’t all use similar technology, even if they share Knowles and Sonion products.

ALL DIRECTIONAL SETTINGS MUST USE MULTIPLE MICS (at least two mics on at the same time). That is how they work! It really is of no consequence, but diy hearing’s address in in Payson, Utah, HearSource is in Bainbridge, Indiana. Apparently HearSource builds and services the units sold by both.

And to Mr. Steve Um bongo at Celtic Hearing… as I always try to do, I link to any organization I reference. I do so as a courtesy to those who would like to reference my posts. I linked to Beltone, Siemens, Hearing Loss Association of America, diy hearing, Sonion, Knowles, ON Semiconductor and oh ya, the hearing aids I wear and like tremendously…HearSource. And of course, you only mention HearSource. What is YOUR angle here? Are you the anti “personal programming” police. I know you can’t support this option as you cannot derive a profit from this business model, so I take you grips with a grain of salt.

Talk about a one trick pony Um…Bongo? You obviously read all the best marketing materials from the hearing aid manufacturers that you sell. This forum is for everybody…Even those that like the “personal programmable” option that I have chosen. Yet when anyone tries to discuss this alternative to the high priced hearing aids that most audiologist propose, you go on the attack and try to vilify and belittle my posts and positions. Maybe you would like me to just pose open questions to you and allow you to enlighten me with your knowledge?

This forum is for the discussion and exchange of information, ideas, and thoughts about and for those of us with hearing loss and who wear hearing aids. And even you people who are in the hearing aid industry.

I will continue to post about what I know and like and what has worked well for me personally. You should let me.

ive noticed that just about everytime you get on to someone for posting a link, you then post a link? hypocrit? yes i think so.

Make this personal if you like, there’s nothing wrong with anyone using the self-programming option at all. There’s no point getting yourself worked up about an irrelevant ‘staw-man’ argument to shift the emphasis of the discussion away from the actual statement that I disagreed with - which was;

But I do believe that most hearing aid manufacturers use the same or similar components with similar or the same available technologies. Do your own homework, it looks like there are two suppliers of components (Sonion and Knowles) and one basic supplier of the hearing aid chips (ON Semiconductor)

The implication of which is that all product out there is essentially the same: so why pay ‘inflated’ prices when you can get Hearsource (HTML Quote) for much less. Following these forums ought to illustrate one point above all else: there’s a diversity of product out there and not all people fit one shoe size.

As to not making a profit from a world where hearing aids are supplied cheaply, you are talking out of the usual orifice again: I do that already, in a market where the largest supplier deals out hearing aids for FREE - surprisingly people do want the services of a Hearing Aid Audiologist, and are willing to pay for them. If they do, this one trick pony offers them a choice between the seven largest manufacturers in the world whilst highlighting the particular benefits of each brand.

As for the free and frank exchange of ideas: I wholeheartedly agree with them, and I hope that I have contributed to the exchange in a positive way. However continuously posting links to one supplier is just spam, despite a recent number of non-linked postings to redress the balance.

Now, you can take your mock indignation and shove it…Dougal ‘Down with this sort of thing’

Me, him ? Link

Never understood European humor. Never laughed at Benny Hill either.

Huh? Review your own posts Steve Bri***. I only defend my own position(s). You attack those that are different than your own. I will scream from the roof tops my issues with the hearing aid industry and tout as many affordable alternatives as I can find. As far as making this personal, your quote, “you are talking out of the usual orifice again”. Although, I did click on your “humorous” link. You may have seen this statement as “funny” and not personal, maybe.

and Oh, I see what got you all fired up. I totally agree with you MaxC!!!

One set of hearing aids is all that I have. It is what I have and what I like and the only “brand” that I can speak of. You pick up on, when I do mention the “brand”, and make smart remarks, yet you mention many different “brands”. Although, I have worn two previous brands. I won’t “vilify” the two previous brand names. But read this, I think you miss my point entirely. I support people’s right to choose the hearing system that they think that works best for them. What ever the brand! I would support one of your customers choice to see you or anybody else they want to. In fact, I would never put you down professionally, but on the other hand, I also support Costco, Walmart, Sams Club, AH, Hearsource, and whomever, all getting into the hearing aid business and making the industry more competitive in performance and pricing. Although most hearing aid companies will use their own fitting & adjusting protocols and algorithms, the hearing aids themselves are basically the same bunch of electronic parts and pieces. There isn’t huge variances in costs to produce one hearing aid brand or model to another. There just isn’t. I do believe in the free market system. And any company can charge anything they want for their product.

I will end our little *issing contest by saying again, read your own posts. I have. I am going to participate in this forum, your not going to run me off. Civility is a two way street. Review your posts in relation to me.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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