So I bit the bullet - Oticon Acto Pro's

So, I have aids now.

It’s a mixed bag… on one hand, HOLY COW, I CAN HEAR!

On the other… I dunno. There’s “something”.

I’ve been to one fitting thus far, so I’m still new to them. I’m having some comfort issues. My loss dictates that one ear needs to be occluded (Power Dome) while the other can be open, but my head feels very wrong that way.

I tried the first week with open domes on both. This week I’m doing power domes on both, for contrast, while I wait for ear molds to come in. The open domes wouldn’t stay in place… and I think the 8mm power domes are too small as moving much opens up the ear canal which makes it hard to get used to the occluding feel since I can move so it goes away. So hopefully the ear molds will help with that.

Every day life is much louder. I can hear with a lot less effort. The audi tried to talk to me w/o my aids in and it was very difficult to understand her, when I know I could hear her “ok” before I got the aids.

Streaming is “alright”. Calls are good now that she adjusted the volume for bluetooth calling. Music is another matter… as basically the bass balance that I used to enjoy is dead. Actually it even more feels like the Acto’s simply don’t generate any real bass kind of sound. It would be … semi-absurd to upgrade to the Agil’s simply for the bass boost, but … i’m going to trial them when I get some more project $$ in to cover the increase.

My Audi basically makes you buy them to trial them and has a return period… the up side is, you try them for longer than some of the “trials” I’d seen on here. Maybe for veteran users a week trial would be good, but I’m still fighting with ear fit, heh.

I’m also maybe having an issue with one of my aids. It feels like it goes into a kind of “low power” mode. More like it stops amplifying to my loss and just amplifies to a base level (i.e. things are still louder than off, but the “correction” seems to be gone, so highs and mids are less hearable). The really interesting thing is in the audi’s software, one (the working one) averages 15.6 hours on a day, while the other (problem one) averages 15.0. That can’t be a good sign…

Thanks for letting me vent! :smiley:

All in all, I’m pretty impressed. I think it’s safe to say I’m hating the power domes, but I promised myself I would try them.

Thank you for your input!
I have been extremely satisfied with my Oticons, and these being the first-ever, I am still hearing new sounds nearly daily (since I got them on October 22)!

I have an appointment to have my auD turn them up a couple of notches now that I am getting so used to them.:cool:

Good luck.

As a side note… does anyone actually USE these 8mm power domes?

I’m having a heck of a time with them. The audi told me I could just put the open domes back on if I wanted, but I think the software messes with the feedback settings when you tell it that you’re using power domes, because they won’t stop yelling when i tried to put opens back on.

Oey. 3 day weekend too…

I have used two sets of Oticon hearing aids. Currently using Agils. As for the bass, that is just typical Oticon sound. If you want better digital hearing aids for bass and music, I suggest you to try Widex. But then you may lose some clarity.

Well, if nothing else I’ll probably end up taking the Agil’s for a spin.

I think the speaker blew in my right Acto. I had to take it out yesterday as my mother-in-law’s voice caused it to sound completely blown. It sounds ok in some other ranges, but certain ones are very bad. Could this just be compression settings or could the speaker actually blow? (I have level 2 receivers)

I am a new Acto Pro mini RITE user (just got them in late December 2010) and they are my first hearing aids, too. Like you, I was given a closed dome for one side (the right) and an open for the other (left). It felt unbalanced to me, and the open dome kept slipping out. :mad:

I finally switch the left to a closed dome as well (it’s a plus dome, if that matters) and it’s not slipping out, but after a month of using an open dome, it sounds weird on that side. Almost muffled or echo-ey?

I asked my audi repeatedly if anything needed changed in settings - I swear I saw her specify an open dome for the left when I first got then and assume, then, if going to a closed dome, that setting needs changed, but she insisted there would be no change needed.

The stuff you describe with the “blown speaker” sound doesn’t sound like anything I’ve experienced at all yet; I’d definitely have the audi look at that one!

I have a trick up my sleeve for the blown speaker sound… I captured a sound that does it on my phone (camcorder) so i can reproduce it while the audi has the aids plugged in!

The aids do need to be told what types of domes (open, power, or ear mold) they are using. I know it at least alters the feedback you’ll get, among other things.

Hmmm, but I have the plus domes - it’s not open, but it’s not a power or an ear mold. So maybe they are considered “open” for the sake of programming?

Well, here are the plus and power domes (plus on left, power on right):

They both look pretty closed, but the plus domes look much nicer than the power domes!

(I’ve been wearing power domes for a week to see the difference between power and open while I wait for my molds to show up…)

I’ll bet those Plus domes are comfy compared to the power ones. The Power domes make a nice tight seal so every 5-6 hours or so i have to pull them out and let my ears vent…

Yes, I have the plus. They are pretty good, though all I have to compare to is the open dome. I had an open on the left but it was slipping out and driving me nuts, plus I felt “unbalanced” with a plus in one ear and an open in the other. I will have to ask again about the programming for the plus.

The one peeve I have on the plus is that it’s got an oval-shaped end, which is wider at one side. And there is NO guidance I can find on how you are supposed to put it on the receiver for a comfortable fit. :confused: So far, for me, the best fit seems to be with the larger end of the oval facing upward, but I’ve been messing with them for a couple of weeks trying to get the angle/position just right.