So confused on FM Systems

I’ve posted under a different heading about my daughters hearing issues, but now I’m needing advice on Fm Systems. Here is a brief breakdown of our issues
My daughter is 5 and has had recurrent ear infections since she was born, were talking more than 20. She had her first set of tubes and adinoid out right before her 2nd birthday, then before her 4th birthday she had a second set of tubes put into place and her tonsils out. Since those tubes were put in, she has had 3 or so ear infections. We had an ABR done to rule out some other things. Her hearing is as follows, but keep in mind that anytime there is even a little bit of fluid present her hearing is affected:

250 30 40
500 25 25
1k 15 15
2k 15 10
4k 15 10
8k 20 20

[/INDENT][/INDENT]At this point we have come up with the possible diagnosis of CAPD, but she defiantly has a speech delay and expressive language disorder. She also has a very hard time distinguishing between words like drink-drank or fat-flat. It gets worse when there is a lot of background noise.

Anyways, she isn’t aided and so we ordered a Phonak Inspiro and one Isense micro. The audiologist said that since her ears are so small that getting two molded HA wouldn’t work because it would mute everything else. We talked about getting two Isense’s but she felt we should just start with one.

She is in a private school (montessori education) and will more than likely be there for the next couple of years. Team-teaching is the norm, which is where I run into a problem. I would love to mic all the teacher (4 total), so that she can interact equally with all of the teachers. Passing a mic is completely out of the question. Installing speakers for the whole class to benefit doesn’t really work either, there is lots of one on one and every time the teacher spoke to my daughter or another child would be broadcasted to the entire class, very disrupting for the 3 other teachers trying to communicate with the students they are working with. And yes, she needs it in the one-on-one, to drown out the background noise. What I ordered the other day will cost me $4k out of pocket, insurance won’t pay for it, heck, they won’t even pay for her speech therapy. From what the audiologist said, I can only mic the 3 other teachers if I buy 3 more inspiros at $2k EACH!!! There has got to be another way. Can I daisy chain systems? What about wireless mics going to one stationary receiver that then transmits it to some form of a BTE aid. The mics would only be used one at a time, but if two could talk at the same time, that would be great too. At this time the teacher will have to control everything as my daughter is two young to try and control anything.

Okay, that was long winded, but I need some help!

Are you in the States? In the US, Canada, and I think in most of Europe there should be all kinds of programs for which your daughter is eligible. A lot of them will be through the public schools though, but even then she should be able to get some speech therapy. In Pennsylvania she would be part of the hearing-impaired special needs programs, and would have Medicaid to supplement any private insurance and even cover hearing aids.
You do have to became a royal pain in the rear to pin down and get what she’s entitled to have. Good luck.

Ugh, I had a huge post typed and deleted it. We did the IEP, let’s just say, their way is the only way. And while the IEP is suppose to be what’s best for the child, it ended up the mom knowing nothing about her child and I was doing a disservice to my child NOT enrolling her in the public school system. Yeah, so, I’m not going down that road. Does it suck having to fork over money that could be used for other things? Yes very much so, but if I don’t have to deal with the school district again, I’d pay twice as much.

FM systems are normally provided by the schools. Even a private school will provide it at the expense of the public school in your community. You must be persistent to get what your daughter should be provided.

There is one other solution that springs to mind that is less expensive than 3 more Inspiros, but still very, very expensive, and that is to add in the DynaMic passaround microphone for the other teachers. It would mean the teachers having to hold a mic in their hand or have it on stand on a table if they are static. The one Inspiro can set up all the mics to work as part of a team in team-teaching mode, and individual DynaMics can chip in and out of the “team” by muting and unmuting them when the teacher is speaking to another group. Because it is not designed to stand alone, the DynaMic is cheaper than the Inspiro, in the UK the cost is 60% of the Inspiro, so if the cost of the Inspiro is genuinely $2000 of whatever is your currency then the DynaMic should work out at $1200. Like I said, cheaper, but not cheap.

The other thing that springs to mind is to make half of a soundfield system then plug the Inspiro in to the “Soundfield rebroadcast” socket, but I don’t know how much of the Soundfield system would be required and whether it would be any less costly. It does sound like the school needs to make more of the effort here.