Snap, Crackle , Pop!



Good Evening folks and thanks for the add. I have had my Linx2 HA’s for about 2 years now. I have had several ongoing issues with them from day one. I do stream my White Noise for my Tinnitus. I also listen to music, audiobooks and I Live Listen too. Most times when I do this I get popping, crackling and chirping sounds from my HA’s. I use my units when I bike ride. My iphone is attached to the handlebars so the phone is right in front of me. As an example, Let’s say my left ear just drops off. If I look right, it pops back on. If I look straight ahead it would drop again. This is very frustrating. I think there is issues with the bluetooth software on my HA’s. I even removed the app from my phone and added to my wife’s iPhone. Paired up and have the same problems. I thought that there might be an issue with the bluetooth on my phone but when I use my bluetooth headphones I have no problems with a connection and sound quality. I have had them sent back to the factory to be rebuilt several times and they said that they could not find any problems. I am currently using Widex Beyond 440. I have put these units through the same tests and situations of my Resounds Linx2 and I’m having no issues at all. Ok, My question for you folks, Is there anyone having the same issues and have you solved the problems? If so can you help me solve mine. I have to turn in the borrowed unites tomorrow and go back to my Linx2. Thank you for your help.


I would tell Resound to test the units when the streaming function is being used and see if they can duplicate the problem. My guess is they just opened the case to look for any contamination and ran it through there normal diagnostic checks. I doubt that they did any testing when the HA’s are in the streaming function.


I have Linx3D hearing aids, and have some problems too. Often, for no reason, the sound will drop from my right HA when I am streaming something, and then for no reason it goes back on. I found that I have fewer problems when I am streaming music or sudiobooks using the multi-mic as an accessory. Also, I took my phone to the apple store and they said I had an antenna problem with my Iphone SE, and gave me a new phone. It acts about the same.


Thanks bgoske. I thought that my phone was the problem. When I got my HA’s I had an iPhone 6. My wife too. We both have upgraded our phones to the 8. I have switched the HA’s to all 4 phones and still had the same issues. I think it may be the BT setup on the HA’s. Thanks again for the input.


Agreed. Thank you for the input.


With my Cala 8s, similar to the Linx, I’ve found them very sensitive to distance from my ears - with my phone in my jacket pocket, streaming works with no problems, but with my phone in my jeans pocket I get drop outs in one ear. That is only a difference of a few inches. If I’m holding the phone near me, never a problem.


Thanks bobinnv for the info. Isn’t it amazing that Sometimes I can put the phone on the table when I’m working in the room and steam music and have no problems, but put the phone in my shirt pocket and I get drops. I wish I new why.


Try putting your phone farther away.

This came up in a different thread; I theorized that there is a problem with iPhone directionality at short distances. For me, this manifested itself by laying in a prone position and putting the iPhone on my chest. One or the other HAs would drop out consistently. If I move the iPhone further away (put it arms-length to my side) both HAs stream consistently. Someone else affirmed similar behavior.

Hope that helps.


Thank you very much for the info. I have tried this. I stream Live Listen on my laptop and our tv. Both would be different distances and still have the same issues. I will try it again. Thanks…


I think i’ve read it somewhere too that many have experienced this issue when the device is in a short distance


Thanks dowjohny , I am streaming and as I read your response, my right ear just dropped off. My phone is 2ft away and I moved it another 3ft away and no change. UGH! frustrating. I have also Live Listen my TV across the room and this has happened. But maybe we are getting closer to the answer.


I’m new to this forum—thanks for posting this issue! I’ve had the same aids, the same amount of time, with the same problem. It has worsened recently, and I am eager to see my audiologist. However, as I recall, questions of this nature they can’t help with—“it’s the phone, or the Bluetooth, that affect the connectivity.” I really hope I’m wrong. Like you I listen to audiobooks and music, and the cracking and loss/regaining of one ear or the other are all very annoying. It kind of hurts my ears, too. Have you found any answers or solutions? Thanks- Dawn


Dawn, my apologies for taking so long to respond. It’s been a busy year and I have not been back on here for awhile. I just went back to “Another” audiologist for a start from scratch situation. ACA really made me mad so I dumped them. My HA were sent back to Resound four times to be checked out in three years and they never found anything. The last time I sent them back, they gave me Widex Beyond to use and to check out. I put them through rugged tests to see if they were any better. I did not have any problems at all. When I turned them back in and put my Resounds in my ears, I decided to stream right there in front of them. The popping and cracking was so loud that the Dr. standing next to me said, “OMG! I hear what you are talking about.” If she can hear it, imagine what my ears are going through. After this she said she would contact Resound. I never heard back from them. You might think that if this problem still exists and Widex made a big difference, that they would make some type of offer to me to upgrade. NOTHING ! Also, if a person gets HA’s for the first time, you would think the Dr. would give you choices to try or learn about. They only suggested Resound and were selling other brands as well at that time. I feel like they had a Resound Selling contest going on. Anyway, I’m looking into several choices that Advanced Hearing have given me. Dawn, prayers for you that you situation gets resolved.