Smoke Alarm for the deaf

I’m totally deaf without my Nucleus 7 and Resound Enzo Q. Some years ago I bought the Sonic Alert HomeAware HA36M alarm clock from Amazon. It failed within the warranty period and was replaced by the company. This replacement has failed. What it does when it works, is to flash the word smoke on its screen, flash a strobe light, and shake the bed shaker. It does that successfully when a piece of toast starts the smoke alarm in the kitchen. You can also test it by pushing the enter and back buttons. But it is now dead. No light on the screen. It plugs into the wall and also requires 5 AA batteries. It cannot function on house electricity alone. I removed the batteries and tested them. They are fine but just to be sure I bought new batteries and put them in. Still dead. It is not a cheap device and I hesitate to buy another one and just have it fail. The current device is no longer under warranty. I have rescued it in the past when it died by re-inserting the batteries. It will work for a while then. But now that didn’t help.
I saw a strobe light available that is wired in requiring an electrician. But it’s light here at 4AM in the summer. I don’t think it would wake me. I’m sure no strobe light would wake my husband even in total darkness. He’s deaf too. It’s the bed shaker that wakes me.
Any suggestions?

I’d try catalog for a better quality alarm. Perhaps others on this site can give specific recommendations on what to buy.

You can also look at Bellman and Symfon for excellent alarms

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Are you in the US? If so, you might want to check with the American Red Cross. It looks like at least some Red Cross locations have a program to help install fire and smoke alarms for the deaf and hard of hearing. And it might be nationwide. It’s worth a call.

I’ve got the Bellman System which includes a fire alarm.

Thanks for all suggestions. I purchased the SafeAwake from They even lowered the price when I mentioned I had found a cheaper price. Diglo customer service is very pleasant to deal with.
The SafeAwake comes with a 2 year warranty which is helpful. My experience with the malfunctioning SonicAlert HomeAware units does not inspire confidence so the longer than usual warranty is good. The SafeAwake is a simpler device and that hopefully means less to fail. The bed shaker will wake me. The strobe won’t. The unit is simple enough that it can be taken with and plugged in at a motel if one can find an electric outlet near the bed.

Just a note I have two wonderful dogs that are the best alarm of every type I could ever need.


Yes, maybe I should get a dog. :star_struck:

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Amazingly enough, as bad as my hearing is, I can hear the shrill beeping of a smoke alarm