Smartphone Bluetooth streaming music problem

Recently I bought 2 phonak audeo’s p(aradice) which are very good. I am listening to music, and the sound is overwhelmingly good. Certainly with a little bit of reverb added.
My phone is rather budget, a Motorola. The problem that I face, some, but too many, times, is that the hearing aids lose Bluetooth contact and the sound deteriorates. So in the middle of some serious :wink: piece of Brahms I have to reconnect.
I have not been able to find out what causes this. Have any of to better experiences? Should I buy a better smartphone, with new and better Bluetooth?
Thanks, Hans van den Berg, from the Netherlands
Ps - this also happens when the phone is very near me

what version of BT does your motorola have? It certainly could be the problem if the phone is older. But i think the only way to know for sure is by trying a different phone.

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Brahms? Here I was thinking you were going to tell us you’re were listening to something sophisticated, like Alice Cooper. Blue tooth can be a bit sketchy but what Motorola phone you have might help. You may have an old obsolete version of Bluetooth

Well, it’s not that old, the Motorola. I think you are right, I will have to try. I’ll have a listening to Alice Cooper, too. I don’t think she is in my collection.

Your right “she” won’t be, however “he” should be!

I will assume that’s humor. Very good

Is she a transgender? Or bipolar? Maybe? Or don’t I understand what’s going on…?

Well, I checked on my phone, with a special app, and it said that it was not capable of BT5. However, the specifications say that the Bluetooth is 5.0. So I will have to look further.

Ha ha yeah some might think so, Alice offers a very theatrical performance at his concerts and does take on different personalities throughout.

Phonak is classic Bluetooth profile 4.2, so works with any version as, 5.0 is backwards compatible.

Well, that was a good guess from me, and a very smart and funny way, of you, to address this.

Yes, I understand. So it is either the Bluetooth signal of the Phonaks, or of the phone, that makes this happen. I read that the Phonaks have this problem (Low Energy Bluetooth for the app, not for the streaming. But can another smartphone solve this problem? I am contacting Phonak about this now, I hope they are willing to go into this - but I am afraid they are too busy.

I don’t know it it’s necessarily a phonak problem but good luck. Remember to turn of the aids for a few seconds and then turn them back on before you pair

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It’s not a uncommon issue, there’s plenty of posts on this very issue on the forum.
Use the search button to help find more information about your very issue.

Search results for 'Phonak Bluetooth dropouts ' - Hearing Aid Forum - Active Hearing Loss Community

Thanks, I did, I didn’t find anything useful. There is one that mentions the dropouts.

From the Phonak website:

Do I need to buy a new mobile phone to use with my Phonak hearing aids##

Phonak hearing aids are Bluetooth 4.2 certified technology to connect to mobile devices. This covers a majority of mobile phones made after 2007. You can check your phone compatibility by entering your phone Brand/Model on our website.

Yeah so that was just an example, use the search button and you’ll find plenty, it’s not just Phonak,but across all HA brands, I’ve used Motorola, one + , LG and now Samsung phones and at any given time I’ve had this happen (not all the time of course, but it has happened) so dropouts on bluetooth connections is not uncommon, outside is where a most people complain about.


My Motorola g8+ is alright with phonak, but the dropouts happen at home. Even when the phone lies in front of me. So the question remains if some phones have ‘better’ Bluetooth? Does that exist, or is the strength (whatever) always the same?

Connectivity is affected by the materials that go into the phone. Metal bodies are not helpful in that respect. Also, different chipsets, different bluetooth versions. I’d expect variability in performance.

I have the same problem with my Costco aids. If my phone sits for a while sometimes I have to restart it to connect the Aids. Other times, mid conversation one or the other will cut out. Also, sometimes only one will connect to the phone.

I’m considering trying another brand, but I hate to spend the money. In a noisy environment, I’m totally lost, but I hear that’s a common problem.