Smartlink & Bluetooth

I’ve been trying out the new smartlink. It is awesome technology but I am having mixed results with the bluetooth option. Sometimes the mic on the smartlink doesn’t seem to engage properly during “bluetoothing” with my cell phone (I can hear them but they can’t hear me.) If I hang up and call back it works fine.

Anybody heard of this problem? I’m on my second unit and it is presenting the same problem. It seems if the bluetooth was working, it would only work both ways.

It tears me up because when it works properly, there is nothing else like it. Any ideas before I turn it in?

That is odd…if the bluetooth link is working, then both send and receive functions should be working.

If the link is not good, then you shouldn’t be able to hear the other person on the line.

Thus, the microphone on the Smartlink must somehow be cutting in and out.

Our tests so far have produced no such problems, yet if you are on your second set with the same problems, that is very odd.

I would call Tech Support at 1800-777-7333 and press option 3 and talk to a specialist at Phonak.

I would also try it with a different Bluetooth phone and see if the problem is replicated.

I have a Motorola hands free unit in my car linked with a Motorola I830. I had similar problems but found that the problem was not my hand free unit but my phone. Once I got a replacement phone, the problem was eliminated.

Hope you get to the bottom of this, as this type of setup when working properly is great.

I’ve got a replacement cell phone (motorolla E815 - Alltel) ordered. I really hope this solves the problem. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

I see this post is very old, but in case anyone is having this same problem, I suggest trying to review the streaming options on the Surflink.
I was having a similar problem, but then I found out that I was using the Surflink´s mic, instead of the aid´s. When I changed it, it was beautiful. I am enjoying a lot the convenience of it (and by the way, my kid´s love when the see me talking “alone” :D).



isnt a Surflink and Smartlink different things?

Sorry, you´re right. I read it in a hurry and got it mixed up.