Smartft 1.1 downloaded

I just downloaded GN Resound Smartfit software. It requires a password for setup. Does anyone know the password? Appreciate your help.

It doesn’t require a password. Maybe you downloaded the wrong thing? I will send you a PM/Private Message. Click any PVC Avatar to find DIY School and read the instructions.

Please send me the link to download the Resound SmartFit software. What version is the link to? Can it be updated. Thanks jacky1mcc

Here’s a link to → How to read DIY School PDF files

Suggested DIY School help files;

  • 01 Free Hearing Aid Fitting Software
  • 02 How to Program Your Hearing Aids
  • Choose Hardware-Programming Device for ReSound
  • Fitting Instructions ReSound SmartFit
  • Noahlink Wireless - Instructions For Use