Smart watch and Android Bluetooth audio?

I have newish Costco Kirkland hearing aids (LOVE them!). They’re paired to my Samsung S8 phone and I use them regularly to listen to music,podcasts and audiobooks from my phone as well as answering calls.
I’m considering getting a smart watch, and am worried that linking that to my phone via Bluetooth will override the Bluetooth audio. Will this be a problem? Can it be overcome? Thanks.

I don’t know if it helps but I’ve just got a Garmin watch and I can still link my Phonak ComPilot to my iPhone. I get the alert in my ears and also it’ll vibrate on my wrist. I thought I’d loose 1 x of the bluetooths but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

EDIT - I’m not sure it this is a iPhone only thing tho, allowing 2 x Bluetooth items to be paired at once.

EDIT - I know my friend who has Oticon OPN PP BTE aids can only pair to one Bluetooth (apple) item but I think Bluetooth classic is different.

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