Smart glasses for some of us folks!



I was intrigued to see these new “specs” profiled in the news today - combining closed-captions with live theatre performances. Not all aids have the T-coil functionality, and many of us would appreciate some closed captions at shows.

It’s inspiring to see new technology that actually fills a NEED as opposed to chest-beating features that we read about and may not even value.

This article got me thinking out of the box about Dream Features … wouldn’t it be wild if some day, we could “see” closed captions from folks talking around us by wearing this kind of device?!? Imagine sitting at a restaurant or large gathering, and just by turning your head in the direction of the person talking, you’d get captioned speech displayed on your specs.

HA manufacturers: take note!

Your DREAM features for future hearing aids

I for one can either watch a movie or TV show or I can read a book. But I get very stressed trying the watch a movie and read captions at the same time. But that is just me.


It is true that it takes a split-brain to do both. Even worse is when the captions are in WHITE against light colors. I’m a HUGE fan of Bollywood movies, tho, so I have like 40 years of practice reading the captions with my right eye while my left eye takes in all the colorful scenes! :heart_eyes:


Don’t know if Google Translate or Microsoft Translator can do English-to-English or any other language same to same. But if you use English-Spanish, the text of what you hear and what you speak appears on your phone screen. I think Skype may use this type of feature as well by allowing Microsoft Translator to kick in. So it shouldn’t be too hard to move towards glasses when they are both more affordable and more culturally accepted. Starkey Livio’s supposedly offer real-time foreign languages translation into your HA’s - a forum poster said that it works quite well - so given the HA or associated phone software is doing that - it shouldn’t be too hard to send the text to display on a screen or glasses of some sort and ideally opt for the English-to-English “translation” if all you want to do is sub caption what you’re hearing.

As usual, I imagine battery power is what’s limiting a lot of possible futuristic uses of HA’s.


English-to-English “translation” works in Microsoft Translate. The example below is from my PC, just dictating to a crummy PC mic. So I should imagine the same would work well letting a phone hear speech in a room. Presumably Google and Microsoft translator products are tuned as best as possible to detect speech-in-noise as the translator products are supposed to be used in a real world environment but then having only a single microphone (or two?) on a phone is probably not going to be as good as having 6 mic’s, for example, on my ReSound Quattro’s. OTH, laptops these days come with far-field microphone arrays built in for Alexa/(Cortana) and Google Home Hub and Amazon Echo Show have excellent microphone arrays as well as modest screen displays but I don’t know about these latter running Google Translate or Microsoft Translator. But at least in certain settings where it wouldn’t be hard to have auxiliary device help, you could get speech-to-text translation from some superb products from Google or Microsoft.


Sony Access Glasses have been around in many theaters for years. You just have to ask. They are very good. I was so impressed that I started collecting the parts to have my own. So far I have the receiver pack and charger, but no glasses. Can’t say I’ve been looking super hard though since I now stream movies more than attending.


Different but related in the sense of dream features, Starkey Livio performs language translation.


^^^ WOW! This is sci-fi stuff. The Starkey site says the phone app translates languages and streams the dialog into your ears. Now granted, it may get a few words wrong (I’m thinking of Japanese here - verrrrry difficult!) but if one were to get the gist of things, one could travel all over foreign countries with a lot more confidence taking public transportation. Amazing what’s out there.

I’m going to start a Dream Features file and note things like this, the subtitle glasses, etc., To bring it all together into ONE set of aids would be amazing. Dang if we wouldn’t have to keep a free hand to hold the cell phone ALL the time, tho! :expressionless: