Smart Connect issues with Trax 42

I bought the smart connect, wanting to use with my Android Samsung S4, and TV to displace my Sennheiser headphones.

In setting up the phone, had the HIS to +6db, since I turned the volume all the way up to hear on them in testing. It work…seemed ok, but with only the two calls I took so far, the clarifity, well it wasn’t quite as clear/sharp I thought it should be.

The big issues, is when I open the phone up, just to main screen, I hear the smart connect beeping in my ear, switching from automatic to streaming programs. It did that at Costco, she call Siemans, and said the notifications settings on the phone need turned off. We did that, it seemed to work, for a very short time then resumed about the time I left Costco. In fact I open the phone, it switches the programs, auto to streaming to auto…I open an email…does the same thing. Not good. Once home I played with it a bit, repairded the HAs, tried different phone settings, nothing changed. Anyone with ideas to try?

Also once home, I do not have bluetooth on the TV, but watching TV with the HAs in automatic mode…it actually sounds pretty good. Need to watch a movie to really test. I also notice in the car, the radio was distinctly clearer to me.

With the TV sounding the way it does, and the connect problems, beginning to think if I really need this smart connect.

Well, take some calls without it on and see if things are solid. The Connect is an antiquated device. I have the phone clip with my KS6 and its a bit better. Android isn’t like Windows 7 where all the features are the same. Each phone maker does their thing. Have you check the settings since the audi changed them? Are there several setting for what notification sounds are sent?

Bluetooth for aids is a true work in process. In a couple of years, it will all work out and be more seamless. iPhone is the current state of the art with MFi aids.

Found the problem…as described in this thread by CoreyF.

His post #12 in this thread.

Yep. Remove the Bluetooth phone and streaming audio programs from your Smart Connect. It seems to grind some guy’s gears here when I say that, but on some phones at least you’ll never be happy with it otherwise.

One more caveat I’ve learned: when you remove those programs, the phone will use program #1 for everything from your phone. That’s great as long as you were in program #1 to begin with. There is no beep, no switching, you just begin to hear your phone in the aids along with whatever ambient sound was already present. But if you happen to be in another program , the phone switches to #1 for the call or the notification sound.

Remove the phone? Then how do you listen to the phone over the aids?

I was thinking I just need to lose that streaming program which is designated by ONE beep, so I guess it’s consider the #1 program. I’m running auto all the time, I don’t think I’m going to be switching programs much.

The Smart Connect is different than the earlier Mini Blue. You don’t need ANY programs for streaming or phone. It just works. And it’s seamless- i.e. if you are already in program 1 (which should be the Automatic program) - when streaming starts, it just starts. Nothing switches out or in. It just works. Same with phone.

When I had those two programs taken off, ALL my troubles with the Smart Connect went away. The remaining programs were:

  1. Automatic
  2. Noise/ party
  3. Music
  4. Telecoil

That’s it. Streaming the TV streamer still worked. Streaming the phone still worked. Streaming the phone audio still worked. All my problems went away, and suddenly I loved the Smart Connect. I believe this is the way it was designed to work.

Now… the one thing you won’t have is the ability to custom tailor the EQ for streaming. But to me it’s a small price to pay considering how much better it works.

I also had to have the Streaming Audio and Bluetooth Phone programs removed and the Smart Connect works much better now. With these 2 programs it was constantly stuck in 1 or the other. Very occasionally still the Smart Connect will get stuck on streaming audio if eg I watch a video on Facebook. I figured out that it’s because even though I close facebook on the iphone, the app is still running in the background. When this happens I double tap the Home button and swipe up on the facebook app to close it. Then the streaming audio stops and I’m back in the Automatic program.

Today had the streaming audio program removed. Now the beeps aren’t all over the place when I use the phones.

After doing that, went into a restaurant for lunch, the aids automatically when over the restaurant program. I could hear the person I was with pretty good. But, they bounced back and forth between programs a bit, really more than I liked. Can the switching of programs be a manual process instead of it doing it on it’s own?

Phone calls with smart connect, a bit ‘scratchy’ really hoping for better. I need to use it a bit more before I can determine whether I can live with it or not.

When I got home, a Bluetooth transmitter that I order from Amazon to make my TV bluetooth capable, had been delivered. I bought this one… I anxiously tried it. On the pc, it worked pretty good. On TV not so good. Have a fairly large family room, TV in one corner, my chair in the other, and distance made it breakup pretty bad. Plus…obvious delay in the sound. People lips not in sync. SO…I’ll probably keep it for the PC, since I was using earbuds for that, and with HAs now, it works well. But anyone have a suggestion for a better Bluetooth for the TV?

Judgement out. Like the idea of smart connect, but at this point, I may not keep it.

Can anyone suggest a Bluetooth transmitter I can use with my TV that will clearly transmit to at least 25 feet? The one I bought breaks up around 15-20 feet, and I sit 22 feet from my TV.

Loosing confidence that this smart connect is going to work for me. I’ve notice phone calls not as clear as I like, and the issue with the distance on the Bluetooth transmitter…and just now found one of the HAs lost it’s pairing with the smart connect. That’s the 2nd time it did that.

On edit: Was really wanting this smart connect to work too.

I got the Rexton TV transmitter for $99 when I got my aids. It works throughout my 1900 Sq foot house, though it’s only 100% perfect in the same room with the TV. When I’m 3-4 rooms away or in my driveway it cuts in and out a little but I can still hear the TV program well enough.

The phone should work great as long as you are wearing the Smart Connect around your neck and the phone is in front of you. I’ve found it doesn’t work well in my hip pocket. In front pants pocket it works fine.

I’ve had one aid lose connection a time or two but it’s not frequent. That aid needs a reboot, as all digital things do from time to time.

Good luck.