Smallest RIC with T-coil

Vanity is not my first priority when choosing an aid, but it’s on the pros and cons list. I would like to purchase a RIC aid with T- coil and was wondering what the smallest option was. I know most vendors are excluding them and using Bluetooth as the reason. I’ve so far been a little unimpressed with the Bluetooth options and feel they are cumbersome. Does anyone have T- coil as an option in the smaller form factor?

The Trax42 at Costco has a smaller form factor with t-coil.

Thanks Ken. Is that the 312 model? Are there color options with the Trax?

Phonak Audeo Venture comes in 312T model also. Very little difference in size to the regular 312 model.

Oticon Alta2/Nera2/Ria2 RITE models are quite small with T-coils

I have T-coils in my Widex Dream 220 Fusion aids. They seem small to me. They are RIC with 312 batteries.

Thanks for all of your feedback. Very helpful.