Small Ear Canals

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been educating myself for the past several weeks on all things hearing related because 3 days ago, I received my first pair of hearing aids (Agil Pro mini BTE). I’m in my mid 30s and am very active. My audiologist informed me at my fitting that I have small ear canals. I am really enjoying new sounds that I’ve never heard before (I probably should have gotten HAs years ago), but am constantly pushing the molds back into my ears. I hope to solve this at my 2 week follow-up.

Does anyone else have this problem? If so, what types of solutions have you/your audiologist come up with?

Thanks in advance!

Are you talking about ear molds or tubes with domes slipping out? If it is an actual ear mold, it should lock into your ear when you push it in, if it doesn’t you need to have it re-made. If it has just the tube with a dome your audi can re-adjust it so it stays in your ear better.

If it’s a dome you might need a different sized one. If they are too big, they’ll often push out of the canal when you talk/chew or if it’s too small it will just not stay in.

Thanks for the replies. They are custom molds. Looks like I’ll have to get new ones made. All part of the fitting process I suppose.

I had a similar problem - several rounds with new molds including a locking tab. All would back out when I ate. Final solution was one of the off the shelf rubbery domes. For Phonak they come in 3 sizes.