Slightly off topic - Environmental Aids (Telephone)

I was hoping someone might be able to help me here.

I have a patient who happens also to be a relative of my wife. He has a pretty bad hearing loss and I have fitted him with some of the best hearing aids on the market today. While he is doing great, the phone is still a problem for him. He refuses to wear a larger aid, so telecoil is not an option.

So I just want to get him a high quality corded amplified phone. He is a very active man and has a large extended family. He needs a phone with at least 20 speed dial buttons on it (or some other kind of speed dial facility). He also wants caller ID. Those are really the main requirements.

If you know of a high quality business phone that would meet these requirements please post. I’d really appreciate the info. As you may or may not know, most phones for the hard of hearing are designed using the erroneous assumption that hard of hearing people are deaf, old, blind and stupid. So most of them are pretty basic with very few ‘complicated’ features.

My patient may be old and hard of hearing, but is is very smart and very active. He lives on the phone dealing with investments, family, and various other things.

Thanks in advance for your help. The best I could find is the StarPlus 45. If anyone can find something better than that I’d be very pleased, and so would he.

Yes, most phones are very basic in nature.

I have found a couple for our patients via, but I too have had difficulty with this part.

I have been using the Artone Bluetooth Neckloop on our patients with T-coil equipped hearing aids and a bluetooth cellphone. I need to find a good home cordless phone with bluetooth capabilities and will post once I find one.

Thanks for all of your input and helping so many of our hearing impaired users on this forum!

Thanks for the info, and your kind comments.

Oaktree products won’t show me what I want to see without me setting up an account with them for my practice. Seems pretty dumb to me. How do I know I want to do business with them if I don’t know what they sell? We already have an account with Hal-Hen who have an equally crappy web site!