Sleep with hearing aids

Wondering how many users sleep with their hearing aids on? I live alone and one concern I have been thinking about is if something were to happen overnight (break in, fire, storm damage) I would probably sleep through the event.

I’ve also thought that if I slept with the hearing aids on, it may help me to hear the alarm clock.

Thanks everyone


I never sleep with hearing aids. There are devices you can buy that alerts you to door knock, fire alarm, etc Harris Communications has these devices.


I buy extra loud alarm clocks, takes care of that issue. The other issues you mention are valid, and solutions exist, like the prior reply shows.

That being said, I have slept in my hearing aids a handful of times over the years. Won’t hurt anything on occasion, but I wouldn’t do it on a routine basis.

I sleep with my hearing aids in but I sleep with my old set of aids so if they get broken, it doesn’t matter. I also have a spare set of ear moulds so bacteria doesn’t grow, well I hope!

Had a wind storm blow through that snapped the top 5-10 feet off all of the trees. Knocked down one neighbor’s flagpole and antenna mast. Knocked another neighbor’s storage shed flat. Tore a handful of shingles off my roof.

My wife was in the living room praying. I slept through it.


I still have decent enough low-frequency hearing that I would likely hear the sound of a tree falling on the house. When necessary, I use one of my son’s tracks on my iPhone to wake me. Never fails.

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I have CICs and it’s hard to do. Especially lying on your side. I would have thought you could only do it with really small IICs or those semi permanent IIC HAs inserted by the Aud right inside. Otherwise it would be difficult lying on your side. More importantly, what are you planning on hearing in your sleep?

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Never do. I save the batts when I’m awake.

I don’t think that’s a good idea. At first it uncomfortable, at second your HA needs to be dryed after wearing ( i mean air or special salt), at third even a good-hearing person can overslept important circumstances, and a bad-hearing one still has sence of smell and touch, and our body is not stupid, it is studying every minute how to live with such hearing ;).

A friend of mine live alone with her little child. She sleeps with the hearing aids because she wants to hear his son in case he begins crying. It would be good for the ear sleep without the HA, so the air could go inside the ear canal. I think a good solution could be to sleep with only one HA.


I don’t sleep with them in and probably couldn’t if I tried. I’ve toyed around with the idea of making a sound level meter that shows how loud the ambient sound is, and gets brighter with increasing noise. It would also need a bit of a history component. That way if you woke up suddenly you could tell if it was because of a loud noise (e.g. thunder).

Having a dog helps too I find. You can tell from their reaction if something is going on.


I’ve slept with my hearing aids occasionally–mainly when I was travelling with a friend who had multiple disabilities. (I wanted to be able to hear him In the event that he needed some assistance in the night.) It was never easy for me because of feedback when I laid on either side. I haven’t tried it with my current aids.

I’ve always taken my aids out. being as deaf as I am I sleep well and I do have a vibrating alarm that goes under a pillow and wakes me on a morning.

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I don’t need to because my loss isn’t so severe…but there are tons of things I don’t hear & so I do rely on my wife to hear things at night…
but this is a question I have pondered several times the last couple months.
I’d honestly be concerned about it getting off somehow then rolling over top of it… I’d hate to kink these things given the extremely high price.

The catalog already mentioned and other vendors provide solutions most of these issues, including door knocking, door bells, alarm, safety alarms for fire, smoke, etc, pad you can put by a door or bed that alerts if stepped on. Just some examples. The alerts can be very loud alarm sound, flashing lights, bedshskers, vibrating watches like the Apple Watch, among others.

Find a spouse with really good hearing like I have - no problem!

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There can be many problems from sleeping in aids. I had a client fall asleep with aids on and was laying on side. When he awoke, the entire ear was swollen, sore and actually bleeding. The skin around the helix has split. He ended up needing the attention of an ENT. I always advise to use ancillary devices or apps instead of sleeping in aids.


I have with the Phonak Lyric although they’re designed to stay in 24/7 for around three months at at time.

I’m sure it would be fine with IIC style. Not so much with RIC/BTE types. Will depend on the individual too. Some would tolerate it, some not.

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I love the peace and quiet when I take out my hearing aids, and even though I am 72 I sleep like a baby.

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Studies show that olfactory (smell) sense turn off during most sleep stages. People pass out and die from smoke inhalation because they don’t wake to the smell of smoke.

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