Skin irritation


I suffered various forms of skin problems due to allergies and eczema over the years and I suspect this to be the reason for the following problem.

I use complete in channel hearing aids both sides (starkey for what that matter) and get really bad skin irritations, no matter how clean i keep my aids.
become itchy inside with some sweat like liquid running out and often turn into ear infection.

Keep in mind I live in China, and it’s kinda hard to just go to the shop and say “hey, try a different material”.

Can anyone recommend some kind of medication (cream or even tablets) to use with this?

At the moment, if I dont use the aids for a few days when things are bad, take anti-allergy tablets, and apply cortisone based cream in my ears, things clears up. But I cannot go without my hearing aids, having a job and all that. (Life can be so cruel huh?)

ps. Cool to see there’s forums for us deaf nuts. :wink:

I don’t really have an answer for you but I feel your pain! I am anxiously waiting for yet another appointment with my ENT tomorrow. I have been battling an ear canal infection for 2 1/2 months now. It will clear up some but never go away completely, then come back stronger than ever. I have had the drainage, pressure and now I am experiencing vertigo and just plain nasty gunk coming out of my ear. They have tried oral antibiotics and antibiotic cream. I clean my ear molds every night with alcohol and I use a Dry 'n Store with a UV ‘disinfectant’ feature. The doctor mentioned it possibly being an antibiotic resistant strain of staph! Also, he mentioned that it seemed like my ear molds were not fitting exactly right and the place that the ear molds were irritating was giving the infection a place to take hold. I have had my ear molds adjusted once, but it hasn’t seemed to help much, but they will probably try again tomorrow (I hope!) You might have your aids checked to see if they are causing irritation any where! Good luck and I will be watching this thread to see if anyone else has suggestions as well!