Six month still can't hear with Phonak V

I have had one hearing aid for left ear hearing loss for 6 mo. I have just had it adjusted again!!! I still can’t hear voices and my own voice echos in my head as well as other sounds. Can one trade a hearing aid in or sell one to recoup some of the $1900 I spent. I didn’t understand the whole idea of HA when I got them so I believed my audi when the first 60 days he said all I needed was adjustments. Then when the return time was over I found out that maybe!!! I will never be able to hear voices with this $1900 piece of junk hanging from my ear. I have nerve damage caused by ? no one knows. Any advice would be so helpful Thanks

stream, do you have an audiogram? I agree that speech understanding is the most important thing to be gained from hearing aids. Are the Starkeys the only aids you have tried?

I tried Widex Bravo CIC in the past but these were not enough powerful for me. I think the Starkey that I have are similar to the Widex, but Starkey aids have more problems.

My audiogram looks like this:

0125.HzL-20 R-20
0250.HzL-20 R-20
0500.HzL-40 R-30
1000.HzL-80 R-60
2000.HzL-90 R-90
4000.HzL-100 R-90
8000.HzL-90 R-100


It is very helpful to post your audiogram so members can help you. By placing your audiogram in your signature everyone can see. You can get to your signature in the “User CP” at the top left side of most pages.

What Phonak V aid are you wearing? Has your audiologist ran the Phonak “Audiogramdirect” feature or REM tests?

A hearing aid can partially compensate for damage in the ear. You can think of the ear like the microphone of the brain. It is actually the brain that “hears” i.e. interprets the signal from the ear, hopefully leading to comprehension.

A hearing aid still has to work through the damage in the ear (broken microphone), which an add distortion, leading to poorer understanding. That is partly why a hearing aid can never give you perfect hearing again. A poorly set hearing aid certainly does not help either, hence speech mapping and REM being vital at the time of fitting. Some people also have central hearing loss, meaning even if we can compensate well for the damage in the ear, the brain might still be unable to comprehend speech properly. Hearing aids seldom help much for this problem. The audi will have a clue to your speech comprehension after amplification by using speech discrimination testing, both aided and unaided.

The more complex the sound, the more central issues play a role, meaning you might score well in one-one speech situatios, but in noise, even with a great directional microphone hearing aid, you still struggle. As such the aud really also needs to evaluate you ability to hear speech in noise.

Sometimes hearing aids alone are not enough and that is where an FM system coupled to the hearing aids can make a world of difference.

Aren’t there hearing aids with FM system? I guess Phonak hearing aids are. Aren’t they?

I believe there might have been a supero with a built in FM a few years back. Currently Phonak has the best FM systems in my opinion and they have the ability to integrate it into most standard BTEs using a replacement battery door show. An Fm receiver can aslo be plugged into the bottom of the icom. Hearing aids with telecoil can use an FM system such as the mylink. Phonak also makes Fm receivers that are compatible with other manufacturer’s DAI shoes. So most hearing aids excluding non-phonak RITE’s, all CIC’s or non-Phonak wireless hearing aids without telecoil, have FM access in one way or another.

i don’t know what your speech comprehension scores are, but mine are in the low to mid 40’s. What that means is that I will always struggle with speech comprehension no matter what aids I use, no matter how loud the amplification. Fm systems which are very expensive may not be much help either. You can try them but you may find that the amount it helps may not justify the expense.

Hi ajean.
You don’t say if the other ear has hearing.
I have two Phonak VSP, and still having problems after eight months. I lost the hearing in my good ear, through nerve damage. This ear now only hears HF. The result is distorted sound. Frequencies below around 1.7k cause more distortion, and they have been filtered out. This has enabled me to have a little more volume. But too much can also lead to distortion and less understanding of speech. I don’t understand music as it`s much more complex.

My other ear is a mystery! It’s described as “dead” but it does have limited distorted hearing around the 250Hz (80db) although the rest is 110db from 500Hz. However, this LF helps the other ear by adding to the HF-we are still working on this……

Originally, the aids were set up using the REM test. The result was too much volume, and I wonder if this is some of your problem.

There is some good advice on this forum, and unfortunately no aid will give you clear speech. The Phonak is very configurable, but it will take more time than someone with a normal loss. Keep positive!
Good luck!

The Phonak is very configurable, but it will take more time than someone with a normal loss. Keep positive!

This is very true, especially if your loss is in the profound range. My loss ranges ski slope from 90-120dB in both ears. It took me about 3 months to get a good basic setup (with Phonak Rep intervention), but I am still continually working to refine my hearing capacity (via all my programs- Speech in Noise, Fm, Auto-SoundFlow mode, etc) I’ve had my aids about 2 years now.

It didn’t help that I’m so picky though. I just can’t accept that I just have basic hearing capability. I want to be positive that the aid can adjust automatically for all the sound spectrum via SoundFlow. That is my ultimate goal. Where the SoundFlow fails, I have the other programs I created, called Speech in Noise (separate from the config in SoundFlow), Fm plus Mic, Music, and TCoil plus Mic (used for possible rare TCoil-based phone use)

With your type of loss, do you still benifit from sound recover?

yes, I hear a lot of environmental sounds such as the confounded cock across the street, birds tweeting and the cat’s meow. As for understandability of words, that is a bit difficult, as I am used to reading lips to get my 100% word discrimination. Since I have been hearing impaired for over 40 years, I do not think I will give myself the patience to re-train my brain for each word I hear. I am very happy to hear the environment that otherwise was never able to hear prior to the Naidas.

I have good hearing in my right ear but the left sounds muffled. I don’t have my hearing results. I have an echo and a tinny sound all the time when wearing these HA. I can’t hear people talk to me unless they are in frount of me or to my right. Now with this current adjustment, I can’t understand speach at all. It is so tinny and echos so bad. My next adjustment is Tuesday. That feels like forever. I can hear the enviroment without the aids. I only wish for hearing speach

You need to explain in detailed fashion what you are hearing. When you say tinny and echoing, that gives the correct information that the audi needs to make their diagnosis and adjustments. Do not forget to also tell your audi what environment you are in: (calm room with single person talking, noisy restaurant, traffic noise in car, etc.)

It is a challenge when you can hear good on one side, but not the other, since you know what the sounds have to sound like. Since I do not know, I hear equally on both sides.

Check out the options list for a calm environment, this is usually helpful for an audi to hear as well as the environment you are in.

I was reading these information from Phonal website

I still didn’t understand how the FM will work or help me. Do I order hearing aids with FM receivers or I can order the FM speratley?

Are the new models like AUDEO YES and Smart compatible with these FM being Rice?

has anyone used these?

you need to check out the above hearing aids with this link:

or this one:


Are you also using FM receiver?

Can you describe the your experience?


I actually like it for the phone and computer connection capabilities. I have used it directly via the audio jack and also via bluetooth, though it can be a hit and miss with the older SX transmitter. Phonak improved on the Smartlink with the plus version (+) with better on/off button as well as newer bluetooth, soundrelax and other tweaks.

As a pure FM transmitter, I use it off and on for noisy settings, but I have not been using it religiously lately. It might be a good time to try again with some new connections I’ve been meaning to purchase (IE. TV connection (jack, bluetooth, etc))

all my configs are below regarding my setup, I have 2 ML10i receivers.

ljjehl, I am so tempted to get the FM stuff if I get the Naida IX (will be trialing them soon).

However, besides the extra high cost, it worries me that if I get the ML10i and at some point (hopefully not for many years) in time I get new aids, the receivers will not fit. I’m thinking, if I do go with FM receivers, I’ll get the “universal” ones that attach to DAIs so that I can still use them (I know that will “nullify” the “water resistance”, but moisture hasn’t been a problem for me).

Then, again, I’m hoping the HAs themselves will help me in situations that I might otherwise want the FM (noisy restaurants, etc.). I use the FM system at church and would be able to continue using my receiver (or theirs) with either my neckloop or the iCom.

If you do any FM purchase, I would suggest the iCom and one DAI mlxi FM receiver to pair with the Phonak Naida if you go that route.

The reason I opted for 2 ml10i receivers and the Smartlink was the portability factor in a warehouse work environment. The necklace option of the iCom would get in my way and cause problems. The ML10i receivers are built-in the aids and will not fall off under stressful circumstances…