Sivantos and Widex to merge to create global hearing aid leader?


The major brands will have their own factories, building common modules and dropping them into the various shell sets/faceplate kits.

This means that every variant of the standard product you get from William DeMant subsidiaries gets made in the same place. It will have different writing on the outside for each distribution line but it’s the same thing. Different companies might write their EEPROM farther down the marketing ladder, but they can leave the factory as pretty identical product.

The interesting thing about the Sivdex combo; is though it’s a good territorial combination, the actual ethos of the companies is entirely different - especially WRT the environmental impact of product manufacture. Widex is renowned for being “windmade’ while the main Siemens factory was a huge building in Suzhou.


Perhaps they are merging in order to share their insurance outlets and online outlets and thus sell to more outlets?


what joke signia (sivanto) has already learning class + 8 band equilizer. they do not need widex machin learning widex just added machine name above learning and thrown googly. what need to collaborate all user gain adjusment just on site fitting can solve it. widex and all other companys try to discorage fair pricing strategy.


Hopefully the two companies can mix the product strengths together to provide Widex’s audio streaminq quality, and natural sound with Signia’s form factors, build quality and narrow directionality.


merger does not mean mixing product its obvious from post that they share R&D stregth to devlop their product hence both company will continue to provide their individual isolated tec product differently


yes I am aware of this thank you for pointing out my inferior posting.


Anybody hear anymore about this? Seems like we had this seemingly major announcement in May and nothing since.


In May 2016, yes This is now late 2018.


No. May 16, 2018…


First post here is May 2016 with the press release


Again. No, it’s May 16th of 2018. Look at the actual press release. It’s dated 16 May 2018.


Thanks Oops. Getting used to the forum since I have not visited regularly since the change a few years ago.


Yeah the date to the upper right can be a little confusing. When there’s the little ’ tick to the left that means it’s a year. No tick and it’s day. I think the tick is common writing parlance to shorten the obvious year. Why write 2018 when you can write '18. It’s actually more typing but less space.


The merger application was withdrawn:


Thanks! Guess that explains why we haven’t heard anything.


Maybe @menglxs could change the thread title.


I think it’s quite appropriate with the question mark. From reading the press release Rasmus shared, it seems very much a possibility that’s being pursued, but clearly far from a done deal which is the initial impression I got.


It appears there are still a number of hoops made of red tape to jump through.