Sivantos and Widex to merge to create global hearing aid leader?


One of the world’s top three players in the hearing aid industry was born.


Wow! Hope it’s collaborative.


Between the machine learning from widex and telecare / ovp from Sivantos, this is huge!


Will be interesting to see their approach when they have two completely different approaches to the same problem. For example they use two very different approaches to frequency lowering.


Who are the top 3 contenders they’re talking about?

I know who the top 6 are, but I wonder who THEY think the top 3 are?


Wow. And dang. I’ve been eyeing Widex since learning more about HA’s after my first set a year ago. I hope they don’t lose their alleged acclaimed sound quality.

/snark - employment opportunites yeah right more like gutting employees. Maybe it’ll bring the prices down after. Hahaha… I’m here all week.


Maybe Phonak, Oticon, Widex+Sivantos?


I’d say Sonova (Phonak) and William Demant (Oticon) and likely GN Group (Resound) being replaced as number 3 by the merger.


This from 2016 based on 2013 data suggests a merger between #3 and #6. Leaving Resound or Starkey to wonder if they’re being overlooked. I suspect it would be Starkey to bring up the bottom.


Yeah, I think Starkey is clearly in last place. #3 and #4 were very close. I’d guess that Resound had gained some between 2013 and now. I’m not sure Starkey brings much to the table. I heard from one audiologist that they only reason they carry them is because some people really want made in USA hearing aids. I know we have some people on the forum who really love their Starkey’s, but it doesn’t seem like they’re very competitive.


If Starkey can’t get in the door at Costco then they might just kind of fizzle out. Who knows. Costco is really a powerhouse here. With Sivantos being in tight with Costco maybe we’ll see aids derived from Widex there.

Hey @abram_bailey_aud…did you ever get results of where people got their aids? Costco carries three of the six (5?) brands one of which is one of the most popular here from your other poll.


Widantos? Sidex? Wivantos? Sivex? Very interested in their future name :joy:


I’m guessing they’ll try to maintain their names for awhile. Signia still uses Siemens and I think a fair amount of people have a lot of attachment to Widex.


On second thought Let me try a re-do of this table and post it further down this thread.


I don’t know how to distinguish “rebranded” from others. There’s this chart:


Yeah, I know about the industry map. But maybe it has too many things combined (sorry @abram_bailey_aud). For example it has re-branded HAs such as AGX that appear under each major brand and it has Costco Kirkland Signature but not other Costco items like Brio? I end up getting lost in the industry map.


It’s definitely messy. I think your chart basically covers it, but it does exclude some of the “rebranded?” ones that people get through insurance plans. I’d even be inclined to remove several from your chart in that they’re nothing I’d consider. It would be good if the Costco versions of Resound, Phonak and Bernafon aids could be listed separately.


Curious where you get your impressions from. I have no idea, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re made in the same factory. I have no idea what to base it on.


I would be shocked if the hardware differed. If so, there is a loss of economy of scale that would serious negate any advantage.


Which company was in difficulty? The industry is so competitive and now going OTC.