Site for Comparison of Specs on HA?

Is there a site that lets you compare the fittings of all aids in one place?

Hearing Planet and some of those do not give you the specifications that I can see…

Thanks in advance?

you can buy a atlas on HI
it has most HI tech specs…

It is the Bomb…

Thanks Xbulder! I did not want to buy anything, just was looking for something to make it easier when searching for HA. Thanks again.

It seems like Hearing Planet’s is actually about the only one out there. It lists the channels, noise reduction, number of memories, and warranty. Are there other specific things you were looking for? If this is something many people want, perhaps I can whip one up and post it on my website.

Anyways, here is Hearing Planet’s:

I was looking for how much gain they had and the fitting ranges. My new audiologist is switching me from Vigo Pro’s (says they will not work for my loss - no enough gain) to Unitoron’s Moxi or Yuu and Audeo. These are some of what she wants me to trial. I am wondering weather the new Next will work for me too? In the mean time, if you have ideas it would be appreciated. I have emailed her - we shall see.

Okay, I got my chart mostly done:
Hearing Aid Comparison Chart

I couldn’t figure out an easy way to put the fitting range on there, but let me know if there is anything else you would like added. Thanks

Wow! Nice job. You obviously put alot of work into that chart. I bookmarked that puppy.



You are a saint. THANK YOU. You most definitely put alot of work into this…

Question: I thought I was understanding my new Audi to say she was looking at the gains, but in looking at this chart, my Vigo Pro’s have more than the other 2 she suggested the Audeo and Unitron Moxi. She did not think the Vigo’s would work for me. Can someone help me understand ??

you can be fitted with vigo for sure!

Guess that further muddies the waters…

You could wear Vigo, but would need a micromold. Moxi or Audeo would work well, and another one for you to consider is Starkey’s new Zōn line. You are well within the fitting range for those (three different models: 7, 5 & 3).

The maximum gain just tells you how much gain the aid puts out at its strongest point. It doesn’t tell you what frequency that point is, so two aids with the same max gain can have different fitting ranges, but it gives a rough estimate.

Thank you for the information and the suggestions. Much appreciated.

Thank you for compiling that nice HA comparison chart. MSRP would be quite useful addition at this level. I suggest using that overview chart as a starting place to dig down for more detailed information about each unit (clicking opens a new window with details).

IMO, the most important characteristic to know about an HA is its gain at each audio frequency segment because this, in large part, determines its ability to correct for individual hearing deficits. Of course, that requires documentation of all adjustable audio frequency ranges and the maximum gain available at each frequency. Along with that should be the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) at max gain, for each frequency range, as well as automatic gain control (compression) metrics.

Also useful would be information about the measured effectiveness of other bells and whistles (noise reduction, directional mics, feedback cancellation, etc.).

I also think that you should include comparable information about Hearing aids that are available on the Internet, such as AmericaHears, HearSource, etc.

Good Job, AudioGal