Singular Hearing App Enhances Speech, Reduces Background Noise Using AI

We got a demo of this app and it seems legit so far. Also, the founder Bruce has a background in Mathematical Physics… So, I’m hopeful this is the real deal. Supposedly will work with wireless buds…

What would the phone app be transmitting to the hearing aid(s)? Is there an industry standard for digital audio over bluetooth?

I’d guess it’s just transmitting audio same as if you were direct linked to a TV or other bluetooth streaming device. I would ask, how is this different from a direct mic or Roger or something…(not that I’m yet super familiar with those items as I’m very new at this…in fact I’m negative new, I’m still a few weeks from HAs actually).

VERY large question. It could be MFI, it could be ASHA, it could be A2DP if the aids are late model Phonak. A2DP will probably have too much latency to be useful. It could actually be wired buds. I think the app is more aimed at buds than hearing aids. There is as yet no industry-wide standard.for digital audio to hearing aids.