Single side HA user. New ear phones work really well. I’m chuffed!

I’m now a single side HA wearer in my left ear. I bought these ear phones to listen to music in both ears. They work really well for me and sound great!

Does anyone know of a Bluetooth option that does the same as most cell phones these days do not have the headphone jacks. Luckily at the moment I’ve got an old iPhone.

I’ve also ordered bone conduction headphones but they are quite bulky looking. Won’t get them till Saturday.

I had to look up chuffed.
Glad your ear phones are working well.

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I’m hoping I can connect this to my TV and listen to the TV with my BC headphones which use Bluetooth 5.0.

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… but most of them would take an adaptor I think.

If you want a dedicated source for music, consider buying a second hand LG V20 or V30. They have hifi dacs that will almost certainly make the music sound even better.

Great that you can get such a specialised piece of equipment as the one you linked to at a reasonable price.

Thanks. I’ll take a look. I was thinking about getting a second hand iPod as listening on my iPhone will drain the battery if I listen all day so I’ll take a look at the LG. :slight_smile:


I’m genuinely happy for you. First off, you are now able to manage with just one HA, and you’ve also found headphones that work well when you listen to music.

I can understand why you are so chuffed. :joy:

The nice thing about the V20 is that it has a replaceable battery and is now fairly cheap. You have to enable the hi-fi dac in the settings and that option is only selectable if the phone thinks that there’s a set of headphones plugged into it. I’m assuming that your device will be recognised but…

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I’ve just bought a V20 for £60 which I think is about $80.

It’s still my main phone. Hope you like it.

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