Right now I am trying out a Seimens Cielo 2S and have a been having trouble with hearing in a crowded room and singing (I sing Tenor in a Barbershop Chorus). When the Audiologist fixes one problem the other seems to get worse. I do have three programs and one is for singing, but I am having a hard trying to explain to her what I need in the program. I am NOT hearing myself sing, everyone around me is really loud. I am so frustrated, I don’t have a clue on what to do and how to explain it to the Audiologist.

I have a high frequency loss in my right ear beginning at 4000Hz and my left ear has a profound loss across the board.

She has made a lot of adjustments, but she has not hit the nail on the head yet. The aid is a BTE with a half shell mold. The Audiologist has tried to fit me with an open fit, but was not successful (I have very small canals and bend that makes an open fit more difficult).

What is the best way for me to go at this point? BTW, I have tried the BI-CROS. Should I be looking at another aid or is there some adjustment she should be making?


Hi Leila, I tried the open fit Siemens Cielo as my first HAs six months ago and didn’t like them at all. They were very prone to feedback and I noticed very low improving in understanding. My hearing loss is more or less like yours but the opposite: severe in the right and mild in the left ear.

If hearing yourself is very important for you in order to sing in tune then I would recommend you a closed mould fit to improve through-the-bone sound transmission. And of course you need a really powerful HA for your left ear. I don’t know if the Siemens Cielo model you’re trying really makes the grade.

I have now a couple of Phonak Versata (model P, from power, in the right ear) with moulds in both ears. Maybe they’re not so discrete as open fit models but when you listen to the music you can feel the bass sounds there.

Any hearing aid is potentially fine if the audiologist does know how to fit it to your particular loss, but sometimes we’re dealing with HA sellers who only want to sell its particular model instead of solving your problem. If this is your case, look for information here and in other web sites and try another audiologist.

I have sung in a barbershop chorus before as well as in church choir currently. I also sing tenor in a gospel quartet. My one recommendation is not so much which hearing aid but to get one where in the singing program you can turn the hearing aids to a directional emphasis to the front or in fact turn off the rear facing microphones off altogether. The reason being if you get someone with a very strong voice behind and to the side of you he is going to be feeding both mikes and you don’t have a chance at all of hearing yourself. Directionality is not important while singing and your voice is primarily heard through the front mikes. I do use Sonic Innovations Ion series and have very good luck with them while singing. That said, the audiologist is probably just as important as which aid.

Dumb question: are you aiding the profound ear or the better era?

If the better ear, than an open fit is called for … might be worth trying again.

(Is that solid earmould an open-fit style, with a huge hole?)

I am just waitng for a new audiogram before replacing my 2 year old ite Ceilos. I don’t know if it was the aids or the audiologist, but I have always had shrill noise drowning out voice. I think part of the problems is a feature of adapting to your enviroment. The more shrill noise you are exposed to, the shriller they become. Don’t make the mistake I made of letting the trial period expire before the aids are working well for you.

I plan to purchas aids from America Hears. They supply cables and softwear allowing you to do your own adjustmenst.