Singing with hearing aids

I’d be happy to have a phone call with you, but we may have exhausted my ideas on the topic. Just follow this up with your audi and make sure you don’t have any frequency shifting in your programs. I’m answering your PM.

Thank you all for your incredibly helpful suggestions. I have been on this forum for a while, and sometimes it gets overly opinionated. Not here. You have all been great.

I never assumed I was a great singer, but I am good enough for the simple stuff I do, and I should not be worse when I wear my hearing aids.

I have shared your ideas with my audiologist, who understands the problem. She says she knows what to do to give me a program that will help me sing accurately and still be able to hear conversations. I have an appointment to see her next week. I’ll let you know what happens.



I am a retired musician and Univ teacher. I bought Starkey Muse because of their Music claim. By turning on the music program music becomes much, much clearer. But, I can not understand speech much then. So, I often switch with the buttons on the aids.
As far as singing, I have to use the speech setting, which works alright since I only sing in the bass range and I need to the directors instructions. But, Listening to music I have to use the Music setting.
Robert in Ruidoso