Simplicity Soft-Touch BTE

I am using Simplicity Soft-Touch BTE aids. So Far I have tried almost everything from $14.95 to $6000 and these are the best for me.
But I am going to need new mini (hard) tubes as well as new cones in the near future and dont know where to look for them.
Can I buy the hard tube in bulk and cut it to fit?

A picture would help to help you.

<$500 on Amazon, also sold at Sam’s and Walmart, made by General Hearing Instruments as a non-prescription hearing aid.

Simplicity on GI site

Looks very similar to my Phonak ear-hose but I know these come in several variants, and I’d suspect they do not fit each other. Call GHI: 1-800-824-3021 504-733-3767

Thank you I needed that contact information.