Simple DIY Vacuum Extension for HAs

Simple and easy vacuum cleaner extension to clean your HAs, ears and anything else that is hard to reach.

Parts are:

(From left to right)

  1. Ear tip (green) from Sahara Dry Ear.
  2. Case (clear) from a “biro” ink pen.
  3. Funnel (black) from a pouring can.
  4. Small section of vacuum cleaner pipe (white) cut to match funnel and the
    end of the vacuum cleaner hose.

Grey/silver tape is duct tape just to seal the connections.

Works great!!

I don’t recommend sticking this in your ear unless you have a variable power vacuum cleaner as it can be quite noisy at full power. I use it to suck the wax (and moisture from ears) at the lowest power which is quite comfortable sound-level wise. (Less noise than the ear vacuum device my ENT cleaned my ears with recently.)

I use it daily to clean the wax guards on my Nitro CICs. I also use it to suck any moisture out of BTE tubing.

Cheap, simple and effective.

Or you can go out and but a dedicated HA vacuum cleaner for US$100+++.

Regards from AU.



Gosh … that looks scary.

If that goes wrong when stuck in your ear and connected to a vacuum cleaner you could end up with a VERY damaged ear …:eek: :eek: :eek:

^^^agreed! Okay for the hearing instrument but wouldn’t risk damaging the ear.