Simple DIY Moisture Protection For BTE HAs


In my work environment (as a manual labourer) I perspire a lot even in the winter and heaps more in the in Australian summer. Wearing BTEs is a problem for me as I perspire in the hairline above the ears.

Researching “sweat covers” on the Internet I found them to follow the the typical HA (accessory) trend in being amazingly expensive for what they actually are! So I decided to try and find a cheap effective solution!

And HEAR it is!

The covers are WATER BOMBS. Small balloons designed to be filled with water. A pack of 200 costs around AU$2.20 in my local supermarket in AU.

Originally I tested them with the microphone exposed but the microphone port was an excellent entry point for perspiration. So I used the plastic tubing from a cotton tip cut to the same angle as the mike port and then taped that firmly in place with electrical tape (red wrapping in images). The plastic tube makes no difference to the “hearing quality” of the HAs along as you have the mike covered and well wrapped with tape. The HA controls are easy to manipulate with a finger nail, so no functionality of controls is lost.

Everyone wearing BTEs can easily protect them from damaging salt laden moisture for a couple of cents instead the high cost of super seals, sweat covers etc!

To cover the BTEs with the balloons is really quite easy and simple. When I wore them for the first time at work a couple of days ago, I was amazed how much moisture was on the covers. No doubt the reason I had to send the HAs back for repair 3 or 4 times last summer.

The colour range is great too! (For the fashion conscious!!)

Any questions, please ask.

Regards from AU.


That is a great idea! Too bad I am very allergic to latex or else I would try that!

I’m just abot to try BTEs for the time and am scared to be honset.
One question does the ballon affect the sound you hear?

Sulla, it lookslike someonesaw your post! See Super Seals

Great idea, this may not be a good idea for HA’s with external buttons…

If you are allergic to latex (and some people can have serious anaphylactic reactions) then this would not be a good idea at all, however if it works for you then :smiley:

Great idea. It would also work for someone who has to work outside when it is raining. I ruined my first set of hearing aids by running through the rain.

Get a patent. :slight_smile:

Excellent idea. I like your take charge attitude of fixing your own hearing aid problem with some good ole American, I mean Australian ingenuity!

Not all water balloons are created equal. The bigger the mouth of the balloon, the better. So far, a 4 inch round balloon works; a 5 inch is easier to remove. I use Super Seal’s Expander Tool ($6.50, US) to make insertion much easier. My HA has external controls; the balloon covers them and the mikes. No problems. (I’m only moderately deaf.)
The picture shows balloons #2-4 (top to bottom) are all 4 inch balloons. #5 is 5 inches.
(The loops are Huggie Aids to keep the HAs on during sports. I think one of the white tubes by itself would work if I attached it to my glasses. But I can’t find the very pliable white tubing.)

Oh this is cool! I bet I can find these at a dollar store here in NY.

LOL…I just got back from a Dollar Store and bought a bag of those things. I didn’t see different sizes though.

I found that by putting the balloon over a ball point pen, I can roll it back on itself, like a (blush) condom. It then rolls up onto my aids easily.

The balloon idea is pretty innovative. Here is my offering for a stopgap, temporary way to protect your BTE devices from moisture…

I fish and camp a lot and consequently, spend a lot of time outdoors when it is raining lightly to moderately. My first line of defense is a full-brimmed (360 degrees) hat liberally sprayed with one of the silicone protectants like Scotch-Guard or Camp-Dri. This keeps my aids dry in light rain for the 3-4 hours I am liable to be out at one time on the stream.

I too have balked at the price of the so-called “hearing aid sweat socks” and while I still prefer to use them, I have an alternative for when i forget them or I’m between purchases and don’t have any at present. I use a pair of mantles intended for use on Coleman or or other camping lanterns. Get the ones with the knottable drawstrings, not the little clips. I spray these with silicone and let them dry and then fit them over the body of the aids and then tie them off. They seem to reduce the receiving acuity of the aids about the same as the HA sweat socks (maybe 5 db), but like the socks, they cover the microphones and protect them from a direct hit from a drop of rain.

I don’t know how to post a picture here, but here is a link showing what they look like if you aren’t familiar with them:

(Whoops, I can’t post a link until I have made 15 posts on this forum. I never heard of such, but I guess I understand. Google or search “images, coleman lantern mantles” if you want to see what they look like.)

Take them off if you’re going into a store, unless you don’t mind people looking at you funny. They are considerably larger than the seat socks and stick out from behind your ears…

But they re4ally work and are about 2 bucks a pair in the camping department at Wally World

I think if I needed to, I could cut the finger off a nitrile glove and use that to cover the aid to keep moisture out. Something for me to remember, since I’m a CERT volunteer and stand to be called out in nasty weather.

I saw the little balloons at Dollar Tree…100 for $1.

I did the same for several years, with my BTEs… however, care must be taken if one is somewhat allergic, and also latex tends to allow moisture slip inside anyway. Onces moisture comes into the batteries, you must to remove the balloons and dry everything.
I also needed some extra-push in the volume, because my mikes were somewhat covered by the rubber.

how about cutting the tips of the fingers from vinyl or the blue nitrile gloves? If gloves are powdered it may be best to turn the tip inside out.

I remember these were out around 25 / 30 years ago. They came with a tool that would stretch the balloon and then you could insert your HA into it. They were more trouble then they were worth imho. I went to terry cloth sweet bands that I would wear partly covering the top of my HA. That worked very well for me.