Silly question, but need to know

OK, still trying open ear (BTE) aids in both ears and getting a lot of whistling/feedback at times. This is the silly part, if I put my finger in my ear, the whistling/feedback stops; this seems to tell me that the mold in my ear does not fit tight enough. Could this be a correct assumption on my part? Do the molds come in different sizes and yes I do need to go back to my specialist. :confused:

My understanding of an “open fit” aid is that they are not supposed to be air tight. The idea is to let those frequencies which you can hear through naturally and those that you can not hear are amplified by the HA. After 20 yrs of wearing tight fitting aids, my new Unitron Moxi RIC aids are the best thing that’s happened to my hearing in a long, long time and it is precisely because they do not fit tightly in the ear canal! :slight_smile:

Ok, that does make sense as I have tried the CIC aid and hated how everyday sounds sounded to me. I felt as if I were talking too loud and everyone said I was not; I was just too aware of every back ground sound around me. Sounds are more normal with the open ear and they will get tested really well tomorrow in Staff meeting. I am thinking that I may just go with one aid to help my hearing and wait and see what comes out as tech moves so fast. I do fine in situations with just a few people, it is in the classroom, meetings, restaurants, etc that I have to really strain to hear and keep asking people to repeat what they say. My hearing loss is not severe; however, I have read that wearing hearing aids will help it not deteriorate as fast. Thanks for your input. Keep cool, it’s 101 degrees here! :eek:

Wearing hearing aids prevents hearing loss???

Citation please?

The audi I saw insisted on 2 BTE open fit. Why not just a boost from one? No explanation.

I should have said slow the hearing loss process and I believe this has merit. I wear glasses and if I had not started wearing them at an early age, my vision would be much worse than it is now. A school hearing tech told me that by wearing hearing aids it would slow the loss. Also, she said if you are going to wear just one aid to wear in the ear with the best hearing to help preserve the hearing in the good ear. She is very good at her job and her advice seems to make sense to me. When I ask my newest hearing specialist about which ear to wear one aid, he also told me to wear in the ear with the best hearing. I have about the same loss in both ears so in my case I could actually wear in either ear. I do think that I will probably end up going with one open ear (BTE) just to give me a boost in hearing. I grew up with a boy that could only hear in one ear and he has a good life. Just my opinion based on what I have heard and seen and I know what they say about opinions. 102 degrees! :cool:

DefJef, I forgot to add my experience with one and two aids, so here it is:
The audio that I am now seeing is the first not to insist that I try two aids. In fact, he asked me if I wanted one or two and I started with one. He and another audio in the office both wear one BTE open ear and seem to hear really well. I have moved up to two; however, really think that I will end up with just one and see how it goes as I can always add another. Also, the way technology is moving, who knows what will be available in a few months and I can wait. :cool:

I don’t understand how wearing a hearing add slows hearing loss.

I also heard the exact opposite for eyeglasses… that your eyes, muscles get lazy and it hastens their “atrohphy”.

I suppose it depends on what the cause of hearing loss is. I would think that a fair amount of hearing loss is damage to the “transducer” or cilia which are in the coclea… perhaps from over pressure or something. I don’t know what I am talking about.

Does hearing exercise our ears? Does more hearing make us better hearers? Does silence preserve our ears? Clearly excessive loud noise seems to damage them.

Absent a clear logical explanation about hearing aids literally IMPROVING or staving off loss… I would say that that is nothing but a bill of goods from the audi industry. What is the mechanism for such improvement?

buyer beware!

There is an information book download from Hearingplanet which states that ''research shows that the ability to make sense of what we hear deteriorates more rapidly if the hearing pathway is not stimulated. A decision to delay hearing aids will not cause hearing to become worse, but it may make it more difficult to adapt and benefit from hearing aids later on."

I am not sure if this is a proven fact or not as there is no reference quoted. However, from my personal experience, i do find that since my hearing deteriorated, i do have difficulty comprehending even those that I hear. I have been using captions on tv and I do not know if that contributes as well to comprehensive loss.

Regarding the reference to vision and eyeglasses, it is well known that if there is a singificant difference in refraction between the 2 eyes, the weaker eye’s image is suppressed and may even be loss permanently.

I don’t believe that there has been any real medical evidence to prove that hearing aids slow hearing loss. But that said there does seem to be a tendency for the brain to become lazy when it is not properly stimulated. For example if a patient has a high frequency hearing loss, the brain seems to spend more time concentrating on the low frequencies where the hearing is better. The longer a patient takes to seek help with their hearing the harder it is to convince the brain to accept amplification and get used to hearing high frequencies again.

As far as the comparison to glasses, you have to remember that hearing aids are stimulating a nerve and forcing the brain to do something useful. Whereas glasses are allowing the muscles in the eye to do less work, hence making them more lazy and more reliant on the help.

It sounds like you have good low frequency hearing, which is generally why open fit hearing aids are recommended. They can punch in the high frequencies that you need without over amplifying the lows. This avoid the occlusion effect, which is the reason your voice sounded too loud with CICs.

The issue that you have with feedback is simply due to poor quality electronics or poorly calibrated hearing aids. Properly fitted open fit aids should not cause feedback. But feedback cancellation is determined by the sophistication of the electronics and how well your specialist calibrated that technology. You will certainly find a variance between brands and models of hearing aid when it comes to feedback. You will also find that some specialists are better than others that adjusting to it.

If you are in a trial period for your hearing aids, do not accept aids that are whistling a lot. This means there is a problem. What’s more if your hearing gets worse and the aids need to be turned up, this problem will only get worse in the future.

You should also consider that some companies now offer open fit aids in a CIC form, which is pretty cool.

I went in today and my specialist put a different ear bud on my hearing aids (Rexton Revera) to see if that helps. He called the company and Semeins is ready to pass the Centra aid down to Rexton under another name. This has the microphone in the ear bud; he was told that if I want to try it that they will send it to him and I think that I will call Monday and tell him that I do want to try it as it is a different technology. I believe that I am doing better with this new bud; he was afraid it might cause me to have more occulsion as it fits differently. The best test for me is at work and I will see on Monday how it does for me. My specialist is not too sure if I will like the aid with the mike in the ear, however, if I do not try it, I know that I will always think that I shoud have done so. He has been fitting aids for 30 years and wears an open ear like I have now; I do feel that he has gone the extra mile as I have been trying aids since April, started with the CIC and it just made my ears feel so stuffy that I decided to try open ear and believe that he will find something that works for me. Not many places would let you try three different aids and I have paid for only one and wearing two and can get my money back if I just cannot get adjusted. I have tried other companies over the past five years without success. The CIC that you mentioned sounds interesting and I will do some research on it. I so much appreciate your input; I need all the help that I can get. :slight_smile:

Re: Use it or lose it. I think there are lots of papers showing that the disuse of neuron/brain stem/thalamus/auditory center function results in atrophy. :slight_smile:


You’re welcome BluSu. Hope it works out for you.