Signia Styletto Connect - 17 months use

I have had a pair of top range and very expensive Signia Stylo Connect aids for 17 months now. I clean the dome carefully with approved product each evening.

My observations:

  • The domes are devilishly difficult to remove. I only remove them as a last resort and frequently need help from someone with nimble fingers.
  • In 17 months I have had a hearing aid sent away for repair SIX times. On average this takes 2 weeks each time. My supplier says that most times they send a new one as a replacement. The is never any feedback as to what has failed.
  • The catch on the charger box has broken twice and has ben replaced twice. However an elastic band solves the problem.
  • Connection to my iPhone is a disaster. As soon as Bluetooth is picked up; it seems, for any other purpose you are obliged to unpair and re-pair with the iPhone which necessitates that you have the charger unit with you as this is the only way of turning the hearing aids off and on. Anyway, the marketing hype about the facilities connection to your phone gives you is greatly exaggerated. Successive versions of the Signia app have removed many features because they don’t work.

You will have worked out that I am less than impressed.

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Ouch! There is a real downside to rechargeable hearing aids without any buttons. A big plus of having replaceable batteries is being able to reboot by opening and closing the battery doors. With as much problems as you’ve had, I’d contact Signia and ask for a refund or ask if you can try a different model hearing aid.

My Oticon OPNS1 rechargeable have a rocker switch for multiple operations including power on and off. I don’t understand not having at least power controls.

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