Signia Silk (Ready wear CICs)

Signia just released a new ready-wear CIC called Silk, and I’m wondering if anyone on here has tried it. If so please do provide your feedback on our page for Signia Silk reviews, and we’ll send you some free batteries. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I just picked up a SILK today for a 2-week trial. I currently wear an outdated analog CIC aid. So this is a giant leap indeed.

Couple things:

  • First, it is super-comfortable. Like, I’m stunned how much more comfortable it is than my current CIC aid. I love it so much, I am almost ready to switch even if the sound isn’t perfect.
  • the digital sound is tough getting used to compared to my analogs. But it is pretty good so far. Way better than various digitals I tried 10 years ago.
  • I put on the HD-Music program, and listened to some music on headphones. It was beautiful. Nice, clean, clear sound. Really impressed.
  • Unfortunately, I’m having a feedback issue. Hard to describe, but I’ll try.
    • Feedback cancellation is on, which is causing weird muted-ping sound rather than the usual squeal.
    • It’s fairly constant, and more prevalant with certain background noises.
    • I’m already on a closed-vent sleeve, the open-sleeve was worse
    • increasing gain makes it worse, decreasing gain makes it better, but can’t seem to stop it completely.
    • when I’m in a quiet room, and a small sound happens, a short feedback blip will happen. It’s annoying.
    • fiddling it around in my ear sometimes helps a little, but not much.

Going to have to go back for more adjustments, hoping to solve. If we can’t solve this feedback issue, it will be a show-stopper, which breaks my heart. It’s possible my amplification needs might be too great for this physical design and I’ll need to try a RIC instead.

Lastly, I am wearing a demo/loaner/trial unit, and I found it interesting that the fitter used Connexx Eight software to tell the connected aid which performance level to do. I am currently set for 3px. Apparently the aid is capable of being a 7px device, but it is being intentionally crippled by the software to be 3px. Is that the case for all primax aids that are sold? Or only for the demo units? I’m really curious if anyone know the answer to that…

I’ll post more review notes at a later date…

I’d like to hear some more about the Signia silk’s myself. Looks like there isn’t a whole lot of information out there besides the normal literature from the factory. EddieK, I currently have a 3 year old set of CIC made by Rexton and I’m looking to upgrade too. Do the silk aids fit as deeply inside your ear as your previous CiC’s? Looks like Rexton has a brand called Inox CIC’s that are this click fit type aid as well, probably from Signia. Anyway, hope some others chime in with some Silk user info.

Were you ever able to solve the feedback issues? I’m interested in these.

The Signia Silk is really a small revolution! Why didn’t someone come up with this idea before? Fitting CIC is suddenly so simple. These are going to outsell a lot of the other HA types on the market. The good thing will probably be that the other brands will have to come up with similar concepts. I have tried myself a couple of CIC/IIC, but the custom mould process was tiresome and never satisfactory. And they were not invisible at all. The problem with CIC is also that they only fit a few. Then there is the occlusion problem and if they have to be repaired they are gone for at least a couple of weeks. I gave up the CIC/IIC and ended up with the small Behind The Ear RITEs from Oticon three years ago.

But then I saw the Signia Silk commercial, It looked too good to be true. Not so!. The universal CIC “plug” popped right into my ear with the medium size silikon sleeves. They are small and very descrete. They are vented so they feel almost like my RITES. The sound quality is exellent and the noise reduction program is better than my Oticons. Everything can be controlled from a mobile App. (I have the Primax 7 Silks). I have used them for 5 weeks now and my BTE RITES are stored away as backup.

It has been done before by several manufacturers including Resound, Starkey and Unitron - they seem to work for some people really well. Not so much for others and not at all if you have narrow canals. The Phonak/Unitron product suffered with long term material failures while the Resound and Starkey used to block at one or both ends with alarming regularity.

The other problem is that they can present a real marketing challenge as they don’t tend to sit in the conventional channels very well. They also ought to be priced as an entry level to attract more people into the market, but the manufacturers have a habit of punting them out in the highest/latest circuit iterations which really doesn’t help the average ‘new’ customer.

I have a pair ordered; should be here this week. I wore CIC’s for many years, RIC’s for the past 5. I prefer CIC, hopeful they work.

Yes, I know there have been som similar tries, but those I know of were much simpler devices. I used the Starkey for a period, but it cant compare. It clogged easiliy, no filters to replace and blocked the canals. The Silk incorporates the latest processor technology. And the trick with Silk is the removable silicon sleeve in different sizes and shapes. The unit itself is very small. Contrary to what you say they sit surprisingly well in conventional canals (like mine) with the right dome size. But of course, if you have very narrow canals there might be problems with these also. I heard from my audi in Norway they trippled the CIC sale with the Silk.

I’m curious if CICs are better in wind than RICs? Intuitively I would think so, but intuition can often be wrong.

Not only better in wind, but also if you have to cover your ears for warmth there is less feedback. Stocking cap, hood, etc.

… and when using over-ear Hifi headphones it sound terrific. With my BTE RITEs I easily get feedback of course.

It was mentioned here that new HA’s should be priced as an entry level to attract new customer. Well, another way to look at it is why buy some mediocre HA when there’s somthing better available. Too many HA’s are stored away in a drawer because of disappointed first time users. In my opinion my hearing is so important for my quality of life that price is irrelevant. But that’s me. :rolleyes:

Ha, that’s great - Marketing Channels not ear canals :wink:

^^^ This discussion just made me think that it would be smart for the Mfg to program the demo units to allow testers to try out all levels. Maybe one program for level 1, another for level 2, another for level 3. That will let the tester decide whether they want the most premium level or whether the least premium level is good enough for them based on their everyday listening environment.

Of course how smart this is depends on how much crippling they do to their software. If they don’t cripple it enough then most people would be prone to just choose the least premium level.

I’m on day 5 of my Silk CIC’s; so far so good. I purchased through & I need an adjustment, will be next week some time.

What “level” did you get? (7, 5 or 3?)

3, it’s all i could afford right now.

MY adjustment was yesterday; the remote adjustment went very well. I think I will be keeping these.

So can anyone comment on how these work with a mobile phone, without Easytek or other extras?

It works just fine with cell & landline phones for me. No extras…

Has anybody tried these in a noisy restaurant?