Signia Siemens Run SP won't connect to iphone or ipad


New member here. I bought a Signia Siemens Run SP hearing aid. When I try to pair with iphone or ipad the hearing aid doesn’t appear. I have done it according to Signia website and according to apple support site but nothing works.

Any suggestions?

Alberta, Canada

The Signia Run is not a wireless hearing aid, so there’s no support for Bluetooth connectivity to iPhones or iPads.

Hi. Thanks so much for the quick reply. In the ad where I found it (aliexpress). It talked about compatibility with mobilefitting app. How else would the app work? I have not got the app yet but was planning to do so. I’m an old analog user looking for the elusive super power aid that sounds good to me. Thought being able to self tweak would be a win.

The app uses the loudspeaker on your smartphone to emit high-frequency control signals which are then picked up by the hearing aid microphones.

Thanks/shout-out to @rasmus_braun for his description of this technology.

@jdawrant; If you anticipate doing your own fitting with your smartphone, then that is not likely to work for you. I believe that you will need an Audi to prepare the settings which you can then apply using a code given to the Mobile Fitting App.

If you are buying from seller forsound on aliexpress they have a fitting service. Though I’m not sure if that service is included with your purchase, or if the service comes as an extra cost?


imo> this is a waste of $400. I would prefer to buy used hearing aids and program them myself the normal/usual way.

Thanks to all for your helpful input. It seems that they do have a service to help with programming. I am an old analog user and just want a basic linear program. I will follow up now that I better understand how the aid connects with the app. A appreciate the alternative programming services.


btw> the Run cannot be programmed any other way, other than using the MobileFitting App along with the code supplied by your Audi. Providing a First Fit based only on your audiogram may work for some, but may not work well for others.

You can find some specs on the Run here;

Hello all,
So I got the mobilefitting app and the code and found it was quite easy to set up using my audiogram. For the most part I’m happy with the aid. One thing I may have taken for granted is the phone. From the manual and elsewhere there is no mention of telecoil or phone functionality. I think I took it for granted and assumed as much, but am I correct? Run sp has no way to loop into phone? Not the end of the world as I use phone rarely but nice to have option. Thanks!

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Dear jdawrant,

Thank you very much for your useful information. I have bought a RUN SP model, and downloaded the mobile-fitting App, but I can not reach the code to be able to configure my mother-in-law device :frowning:
I would be very grateful if you could tell me how to get it. I need just to configure this one.

Thank you very much for your help.



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Thank you for sharing your experience.
I have a severe ear loss . I have now 2 Naida Phonak.but I am thinking if
it’s worthwhile to buy these, even just for back-up. I eventually buy them from AliExpress that give the code to program the Has