Signia Pure cuts out my own voice in moderate street noise - What is wrong?


I just changed to the Signia Pure Nx from an earlier Pure model (forget which one). Works fine in the office or home but as soon as I walk outside or even in a mall or similar mildly noisy area the HA shuts off my own voice. I really can’t hear myself AT ALL. This wasn’t a problem on my old Pure and since my voice sounds fine in quite environments I sense that the HA may be too “smart” and trying to adjust the microphones in noise. Has anybody had a similar experience? How do you adjust it?



Sorry, should have added that I have NOT turned on the Own-Voice-Processing feature as that would actually LOWER my own voice further. I don’t have problems with my own voice in quite environments, but it is like switch is turned off as soon as there is minimal background noise.



I have the KS8 which is very similar to the Signia 7Nx. I have not experienced anything like you are describing. That said I don’t generally talk to myself when I am out in traffic or in a mall. In noisy restaurants conversation is always difficult. However, I don’t recall not being able to hear myself. I presume this is in Automatic for a program? Have you tried Noisy/Party for a program, or the Outdoors program? I have used mine with OVP turned on and also turned off.

I would also suggest doing the training to set up the OVP and having it enabled. It not only reduces your own voice when you talk, but it is one of the three elements used by the 3D Classifier to determine how to optimize your settings in Automatic. It knows that if you are talking your also probably listening to the person you are talking to, so it should change to optimum settings for conversation. The OVP has three settings, so if you find it reduces your own voice too much have it set to Low. It will still be used as an input to the 3D classifier.

There is also an adjustment for Wind Noise which might help some. I don’t find the wind noise reduction works particularly well though.

I used mine in streaming mode outside for the first time today. It certainly cranks the streaming volume up when the background noise goes up.