Signia Pure Charge&Go 3Nx falling out from behind my ear

Have my first pair of HAs and bought Signia Pure Charge&Go 3Nx and they are helping immensely! I am 58 years old and learned that I have small ears! Who knew? anyway, the outer body of the HA often flops off from behind my ear. Any tips for keeping them in place? Should I put my eyeglasses arm to hold it there or use something sticky?

thanks in advance.

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I think that your audiologist is the place to start. I wonder if your receiver wires are too long.

My audiologist told me that my glasses should be worn between my hearing aids and my head. The arms of your glasses would probably bounce around and create some pretty distracting noise otherwise. I wouldn’t use anything sticky–it could affect the HAs adversely.

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Yes, go back to the audiologist. I wouldn’t mess with them.

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Do your receivers have that plastic curved “tail” that fits inside your outer ear to help retain the aids? It clips on the receiver and curls around to fit your ear. Another thought as was suggested by Noreen, would be the length of the receiver wire may be too long, and it may not be shaped properly. Both of these issues should be addressed by your fitter.