Signia Pure Charge and Go Notch Therapy

Hi, I am demoing the Signia Pure Charge and Go 7x, mainly for the Tinnitus Notch Therapy. Is there a way to determine if notch therapy is on and adjusted correctly? Anyone used Notch therapy and can you determine when it is turned on by what you hear, etc… I can not tell a difference from the Oticon Opn S1 I demoed previously. Notch Therapy looks like a little work for the audiologist to set up with more opportunities to not be correct.

I have the same HA’s, my audiologists waited after the first 30 days to turn on the notch therapy, waiting for me to get used to the different programs and new HA.
My “notch” was setup almost the same way they do eyeglasses, needs your feedback to the frequencies they are sending to see if it matches your tinnitus.
After two weeks she readjusted the notch, but it takes 60-90 days to get used to the notch therapy and see if it works. I’ll see her in May. You can tell which programs have notch therapy on in the app since the fonts are red when selected.

There’s no masking noise with notch therapy.

Interesting, my supposed notch program is not red and sounds like the other program and has masking. Sounds like no notch in the program. Thanks!

Can you please provide an update on your notch therapy?
I am planning to take it for my tinnitus. This will really help.

Sorry for the delay replying. I never noticed any benefit with the notch therapy granted I did not wear the HA more than a month. Covid 19 hit and my work hours were cut 20% and I had opportunity to turn in HA’s for full refund so I did. Now a few months later I am thinking about trying something - who knows was what