Signia Pure Charge and Go 7Nx impressions and questions

I don’t know if they attempt to keep the Rexton/Signia/KS8 versions in sync, but my KS8 is as follows:

Hardware: 1.0
Smart Direct App (iPhone):

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Thanks, I’m just trying to rule out firmware issues.

I’m not sure if I should add to this thread or start a new one; but I’m in the process of testing a ‘Pure Charge&Go’ before purchase. I have (so far) 4 settings - voice, voice with rear sound suppression, quiet (for bus or noisy surroundings), and music. I have right-ear only hearing, so the left ear is to send incoming to right ear. Because they’re new, they recharge quickly; but I read elsewhere that over time (like 2 yrs or so), the charging will not be as great, especially if several activity settings have been programmed. I’m also thinking of adding the TV streamer. Do they have a shelf life?

I don’t have any issues with mine. I wear them for about 16 hours a day and stream music for 4 or 5 hours and my battery level never goes below 20%. Hope that helps.

Thanks slovak1965. For how long have you owned your devices?

About 4 weeks now. I think they are great.

I downloaded that Connex Smart Direct. That’s all I see in the Apple App Store. He App Store only lists Costco brand hearing aids as compatible. It will not pair with my charge and go 7Nx’s to see anything for simulation. Any ideas?

Never mind, I found out I need a computer to use it, I don’t have a computer so I can’t play around with it.

You should not need a computer to use the app on your iPhone. Go to the Apple store and look for the myControl App 2.0. It is essentially identical to the Rexton/KS8 Smart Direct app, but should be compatible with the Signia HA’s.

Here is a link to the How to use myControl App 2.0 pdf doc.

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Well, we’ll see how just the right HA does me. Bought it for $4,500 paired with a companion earpiece that just listens. Three settings: voice, TV streaming, and Music. I’m stone deaf in the left ear…though I don’t see why stones hear any less than say grass or trees. So far, (one day), I’m happy. Still have the old Oticon Alta to fall back on, if it doesn’t satisfy.

Yeah the my control app is free and I have it, the aids do not connect to the only connex app in the App Store. That’s the only way to see other stuff the my control app doesn’t show.

You can also get to the Apple control app with a quick three touch on the home key. It gives me volume control on both aids, while the Smart Direct just gives one control.

It took me a while to get it from the VA audiologist, but I got it and finally posted it. Not sure how this helps anyone in here looking at it. My hearing aids are the Signia Pure Charge and Go 7Nx’s

Congratulations, good for you.
I do enjoy looking at members audiograms. It’s kind of a social sharing to know you are not alone.

Your hearing loss is not that bad. I see I suggested earlier that feedback may be an issue for you. Here is what your First Fit gain looks like with NAL-NL2 and open sleeves.

The red and blue shaded areas are areas of potential feedback (based on a computer simulation). There is no blatant problem with open sleeve, but you are close to trouble at the 3 kHz region with your left ear (blue zone). Here is what it looks like with closed click sleeves. They still have a small vent, so are not totally closed. Notice that the shaded areas are reduced and you have more distance from feedback at the troublesome 3 kHz region.

I tried both open and closed click sleeves and noticed very little comfort difference between them. It may be worthwhile trying closed click sleeves, assuming you are currently using open. The REM testing and fitting should be done over, and the Own Voice Processing should be done too. Sometimes fitters don’t do it unless you ask.

The other thing you can do is bring your iPhone with you to the fitting and do some streaming while you are there to see what it sounds like. There is a Streaming equalization program that they can use to adjust the sound of streaming. Because there is no sound coming in to the microphones when you stream it can sound quite different. In general the bass needs to be boosted and the midrange cut. Here is what the default is for a closed sleeve, but it can be adjusted manually by the fitter based on what you hear when streaming. That is why it is best to bring your phone with you and stream after they make the adjustments. I found with the closed sleeves I needed the bass boosted a lot more than the default and the midrange cut.

Hope that helps some,

Yes, I have open click sleeves. Next time I need to go to audiology I’ll try to explain all this to them at the VA, they didn’t even know how to delete the Bluetooth profile from my aids when I had a problem and talked to Signia, they had to call Signia themselves to find out how to do it. I don’t think they would have a clue if I explain all his to them.