Signia Pure 13 Nx wind noise

I received a new pair of Signia pure 13 Nx hearing aids. I really like them except I noticed that while in the car with the window open, the ear next to the window makes a snappy crackling noise. The wire was replaced but on my way home it made the same noise but stopped when I shut the window. I never had a problem with wind before so is this natural? It obviously acted up only in the car with the window open. Otherwise, the aid is great. Anyone familiar with this sort of problem? Thank you.

It is pretty easy to tone down wind noise. Just go tell them, to tune it down a little.

What does wind noise sound like to you? Is it a snappy, crackling sound? I thought it just sounded like air blowing by. I’m trying to find out if it is in fact wind noise or something else.

Hmm, I think wind noise is a little stranger than air blowing by, kind of like blowing in a microphone. In any event, you can also make an outdoor program for things like golf or boating and suppress the wind noise in that program.