Signia - myHearing App - iPHONE

I am new to the forum and new to HA’s. One of the reasons that I chose the Signia’s was the App. mHeraing. But i am having problems.
The Application was updated a few weeks ago the Version 1.4.3 I had background updates selected on the iPhone and when the update was loaded to my phone I lost connection to the Dr.'s server (?) and had to get a new Code. 2 weeks later I was doing a backup of the iPhone and again lost connection, didn’t do a reset or power off after the backup.
My question is has anyone had similar problems with the App.?


Just got back fro my Dr. and after creating a new account and a new download of the App. it appears the the problem is fixed. Also found out that a never version of “myHering” is due out soon.

Sounds fishy to me