Signia myControl app for iPhones

I recently purchased a set of Signa Pure 13 7Nx S HA’s. At least partly because they are certified to work with the iPhone iOS. Signia provides an app thru the App Store called myControl to provide more flexible control of the HA.

I am using the app and while it seems to work pretty well most of the time, I can see room for improvement. The App Store reviews also reflect some dissatisfaction. I currently have an avenue to submit suggestions to the app development team. I you are using the myControl app and have suggestions, please reply to this thread. I will forward all suggestions.

I am currently using myControl App Version


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The Siemens apps are all awful; among the worst user interfaces I’ve ever seen. My advice to them is to hire some experienced Android/iOS folks to design better apps.

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I have noticed that it seems like intermittently my iPhone does not respond to my touch on the screen as fast. It’s like it hangs every so many seconds or whatever. Never did this before yesterday when I put this app on.