Signia ITC Power AND Roger FM

I am looking for a power in the ear device, which is working with Roger FM via bluetooth. In the past I loved Signia/Audeo Service sound and would like to try Signia again, but obviously there is no device any more which makes the bluetooth connection to phonak FM since there has been a new chip generation. Example: For oticon more RIC (unfortunately the OPN in the ear is not as good as the RIC, not “clear” enough) I use the mic plus Roger X, but signia does’t have such device. Does anybody know an alternative for Signia power in the ear, or will there be a new solution in the near future?

The only ITE Aid that will work with Phonak Roger is the Phonak Virto Marvel or Paradise as they only require licenses rather then a whole attachment of a Roger X etc UNLESS, Signia has a version of a Multi Mic etc that can have a Roger X attached to it.

Oticon do a EduMic that can have a Roger X attached.
Resound do a Multi Mic that can have a Roger X attached.

Phonak Roger doesn’t work on Bluetooth, so that solution will never work.

Thank you, Zebras for your reply. That’s exactly the problem, the Roger X CANNOT be attached to the SIGNIA Mic. any more. However, it can be attached to OTICON Mic, although the Mics look like the same (apart from the little “holes” for attaching the Roger X). I wonder, why Signia have changed their product range and thought, that there might be any other solution than the mic (which doen’t work with the Roger X)! (I am not asking for connecting the Roger stick, but Roger FM school system using with other hearing impared in a group, sorry, my English is not as good…).

Roger Education Stuff needs 02 Roger receivers. 03 Roger receivers won’t work I’m afraid.

If you have 03 Roger receivers then you won’t be able to connect.

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