Signia Connexxlink, Connexx 8 programming

After struggling with a local audiologist who had no familiarity with wireless programming and the details of how to set up hearing instruments, I finally found an outstanding source of help and information. I ended up purchasing a set of Signia Pure 7px aids from Factory Direct Hearing on-line. They have gone out of their way to be helpful. They even offered to remote in to my PC to help me solve problems getting the aids connected to my programmer. Their depth of knowledge and enthusiastic support are a most refreshing change from the “customer service” I get most other places.

I am now well into self programming, and already the end result far exceeds what I was able to get from a local audiologist.

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Thanks for sharing about the site. They seem to be a little bit cheaper than overall -> better for us consumers!

What impressed me the most is that I didn’t have to ask them for help. I just told them I was having trouble.

They VOLUNTEERED their time and expertise to solve my problem!

I just started self programming using Connexx 9. However, I haven’t fully understood how you go back to an earlier saved session. Could someone provide very detailed instructions? I get the basics, I see how you can “load a session” but do you connect HA first or after, etc? Sometimes when I connect the HAs I get an option to “load from session” but that option is not always there (leaving only “new” or “read from HA”) and sometimes I get a message that the session is older than the HA settings (duh, that is the whole point - I want to go back to an earlier fitting). Will continue to play around but would appreciate any guidance.

Where can I find the Connexx sw?