Signia 7X not connecting to iPad after iOS 13.3.1 update

I updated to iOS 13.3.1 on my iPad, now the Signia 7X is not found when I go thru Setting on my iPad, so naturally there’s no hope of Signia app working either. Reluctant to update iPhone if the update is my problem. Haven’t called Signia support yet. I’ve had frequent problems with that latest Signia app all along anyway. Suggestions?

You have to forget them by going to:

Hearing Devices
Carol’s hearing aids
Forget this device
Reset the hearing aids by turning on and off
the phone will ask you to pair
confirm twice


Thank you so much for prompt suggestion. I’d already been thru those steps (after first time since HA not found I had to leave off “forget device.”) I rebooted iPad, had HA back in charger since that’s the only way I know how to turn them off and bingo! Yes, one at a time connected, found by iPad so I can use iPad to change for “streaming music” and other situations my dispenser set up. We still have some work to do on programming for Live Music, Musician, for something to replicate “Cafe” in myControl App.

Signia app not Bluetoothed, not working. Sometimes it actually does now for a change, even staying connected…just not at the moment.

Once again, thanks so very much.

I am convinced that the “Cafe” program is just the default Automatic program with the microphones focused to the front quadrant. Your fitter should be able to save that as a manual program to select.

Interestingly the iOS 13.3.1 on the iPhone 11 Max the Signia 7X and the Signia app are working better for me the Bluetooth connection has been steadier less drops, and having to reset the app less. Did not have to the forget the device issues either even though every HA manufacturer suggest to do that after a system software upgrade.

I’ve experienced more days that my 7X connected and Bluetoothed first attempt now, also Signia app stayed working longer but then app failed. The 7X pair did remain Bluetoothed, however, and simply controlled by iPhone settings. Today I never once got the app to respond, and thus it never showed Bluetoothed 7X. (I know to do “forget this device” routine.)

Also did purchase Signia Stylettos 7NX (twice, actually, because the first ones were stolen I imagine because the girls who swiped them thought she was picking up an Apple AirPod case!) and am using myControl app with easy success. Love those Stylettos and use app during day frequently on iPhone.
However, an odd thing happened Thursday morning when I had just picked up iphone, was in “settings” and put my Stylettos in my ears:
IPhone Settings noted finding “Dororis’s Rexton” even tho I’m “Carol” with Stylettos! Anyone have an explanation how that can happen? Never once have I tried Rexton. I started entire process from scratch and happily recognized as “Carol.”

Bluetooth has a range of about 33 feet, maybe a neighbor has Rexton. I previously had Rexton paired to my phone and they haven’t ever showed up after I removed them.

Signia updated their Signia App today. They only mention that was updated for TV streaming, it I reset the app and it found my 7X and paired them faster then before, so I gues they did fix some other Bluetooth connection issues.