Signia 7nx and 5nx

I have 1 off Signia Pure 7nx. Just am thinking about buying one off 5nx. Can they work together? Of course, I am aware that there are slight differences, but I don’t mindthem providing that they can be synchronised to work together. Any thoughts?

Yes you can, they can be fitted alternately in the same session, as per connexx software. But can they be “synchronised” I’m thinking maybe not.

Why can’t they be fitted simultaneously? Not an issue, I am just curious. It’s not a big deal with fitting, but will they work together, react simultaneously to commands, changes in environment,…?

I’m not sure why they can’t, in the connexx software they can only be programmed separately but in the same session, I ran a demo fitting for your question of 7nx and 5nx, everything had to be done separately (each side) including the button tones for volume and program changes, so I’m thinking no they won’t actually work together like a pair of the same type, the thing is tho the 7nx has quite a few different features then the 5nx, so that would most likely be the problem, you could try reaching out to one of the pro’s on the forum to confirm before you do anything.