Signia 312 Nx CROS Questions


I’m currently demoing the Signia 312 Nx CROS. I have close to no hearing on my left and reduced hearing on my right. I previously used the Signia Pure but w/o cross.

Now, I really struggle with this one and have several questions that I’m hoping someone could advise on:

  1. I have noticed the CROS HA (i.e. the one on my left that is only sending to my right) shuts off in certain situation. Like in front of the kitchen fan, in certain louder spaces (restaurants, etc.). Is it losing connection or is this a programming issue?

  2. When using the spatial configuration on the iphone app, my CROS (again left) will shut off completely - is the CROS aid not compatible with this function? The problem is when I have it on “auto” I hear the office HVAC in the ceiling WAY too loud in my HAs.

  3. I found that my own voice as well of voices of others “drown” in street noise. I didn’t have this problem with my old HA. Has anybody experienced this issue? It almost seem like the directional mics don’t function properly (same as the HVAC issue above) and zoom in on the wrong sounds.

Seeing my Audio tomorrow but would be helpful to get feedback form others who have tried the same HA / CROS set up.

Thank you.



Hi I have phonak cros aids and I had a similar issue with mine where going into certain shops the hearing aids would shut off and so i went back to my hearing aid provider i told the issues i was having to them and they did some adjustments and checked the feedback manager and since they have done that I’ve had no further issues with the aids so maybe you need to go back to your provider and have them check the feedback and make some adjustments if needed So i don’t know how to help with your other issues but i hope you can get it sorted out



Thank you, this is very helpful feedback.