Signia 312 7Nx


Two weeks ago I purchased a pair of 312 7Nx and Noahlink wireless programmer off of eBay. I was able to down load the software from this site. I used my audiogram from earlier this year to program the devices. My previous devices were Starkey Xino 110. I’m absolutely thrilled with the results. I can’t believe that allowed myself to suffer so long without an upgrade. The difference almost brought tears to my eyes. I simply used the standard programming and set up of the various programs. I’ll perhaps look at some fine tuning in the music program, but as for speech in noise and understanding children’s and women’s voices I don’t need the processing to be any more clear. I’m sure that others may not achieve such results with self programming, but I’m thrilled. The total cost was $990 for the devices/receivers and $200 for the Noahlink.


Congratulations and a couple of suggestions;

  1. Enter your audiogram into the forum, like this.
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