Signa Pure 13 7Nx S


I am new to the forum and am hoping to get some feedback. I have found that finding reliable info on hearing aids is pretty tough. I am pleased that I found this forum.

This is the second set of HA that I have purchased. I previously had a pair of Siemens Aquaris 701 with miniTek that I purchased 6 years ago. At first I was very happy with them. They were definitely much better than nothing. I could never get the transmitter to work with my TV. The preset programs were very limited and I had grown unhappy with their performance in general.

My audiologist, who I like a lot, doesn’t push a particular brand or model, although he does say that he has had the good results with Siemens now Signa (perhaps because they have a high profit margin?). I don’t know, but I do trust him.

So I told him what I didn’t like with my old HA’s and what I would like the new ones to do and he suggested the Signa Pure 13 7Nx S. Fitting and initial adjustment were surprisingly simple as much of the setup was automated. We then did spend some time tweaking the preset programs to match my hearing profile.

Initially I was very impressed with their performance. Understanding speech was great - it was very clear and natural. The other presets seemed to work really well. When I left his office, my wife and I went to a local restaurant for dinner. Restaurant’s were previously really annoying to me with all the background noise and chatter. I used the noisy environment preset and also the cafe preset and was very impressed. Most of the background noise was muted. Over the next few days, I tried to give these HA’s a real test in various conditions.

The Pure 13 7Nx S HA’s are pure joy with one exception, Bluetooth. The Bluetooth streaming worked great the first few days. Then bugs started showing up.

  • during a phone call, one ear or the other would cut out
  • TV streaming worked great, then one or both ears cut out, get static or click
  • streaming media from my iPhone was super until it starting clicking, and fuzz and eventually drop out
  • sometimes I hear a rhythmic clicking in the HA’s that have dropped out (click click pause click click pause…repeat) I thought maybe I was receiving Morse code.

At this point my fix was to reboot each hearing aid. On two occasions, I had to delete the pairing with my phone and with the TV streamer and pair everything again.

I went back to see my Audiologist a few days ago. He called Siemens directly and we talked with tech support for some time. Tech support didn’t have much to offer except that they had heard of these issues before. One tech said that they had contacted Apple who said the clicking ‘might’ be an issue of the Apple iOS. No real resolution except what I am already doing: unpair, reboot, pair, do it all again.

I have 30 days (from purchase) to return these HA’s for a full refund. I am seriously thinking about returning these HA’s as Bluetooth streaming was (is) very important to me. Receiving calls is imperative, streaming TV is great (with no subtitles) and streaming media from my phone is really cool.

As I read other reviews it seems that a number of them have one thing in common: flaky Bluetooth connections. If I return these should I ask for a new pair as these HA’s may be the problem? I read one post here where that was the case. If I return these and look at a different brand, what brands should I consider? I was led to believe that these Signa HA’s were in the top three in their particular category. If I choose another brand, will I still experience Bluetooth issues? It seems that bluetooth technology has been around for quite awhile. Maybe it isn’t yet perfected?

I paid $5700 for these (including new ear molds). Not a small sum for any of us. If it weren’t for the Bluetooth issues, I would keep these new HA’s in a second but not for that kind of money! Although I have worn HA’s for 6+ years, I still consider myself a newbie. I am hoping that the collective experience on this forum will be able to provide me more insight.

thank you for your time.



Search around the forums; there are plenty of people with streaming issues with all brands (or so it seems). The consensus seems to be that it’s an iOS issue that Apple knows about but … there’s no resolution for everyone at this point (some have claimed that firmware updates have helped them). FWIW, I have Nx 7’s and don’t have any of those issues with streaming. Indeed, music streaming (while very limited in distance from phone to HA’s) is better than I’ve ever experienced with HA’s (and I’ve tried all of the top-of-the-line aids for the past two years).


You have explained exactly why I returned my Signia/Siemens aids and the EasyTek. It had far too many issues after 1 week of use.


@mblank Wich model of the NX do you wear? Have you stream with BT for long or only short time?


When I was looking at new hearing aids last summer, I disqualified the Siemens hearing aids specifically because the EasyTek and Bluetooth was so flakey. Go with a Made for iPhone hearing aid if talking on your phone is important to you. There have been a few hiccups but for the most part, it works extremely well and no streamer is required.



The problem does appear to be iOS related.

What you might talk to the audiologist about is them throwing in the BT device. These typically run around $200 with his cost lower. He has a decent enough profit to do this.

You could also use it with your TV and a standard low-latency BT transmitter attached to the TV.


Thank you for your reply. I should have mentioned that I have an iPhone 6s. I don’t know why that should make a difference if we both use the same iOS version but perhaps it does. What version of iPhone are you using?


I have the Pure 13 7Nx S version. I had attempted streaming with my old pair - Siemens Aquaris 701 with miniTek - but was never satisfied with the result. I never did get the TV to stream correctly. I tried to stream music from my phone but the quality was poor.

So to answer your question, I feel that I am new to BT streaming. I do not have it in my vehicles so I am a newbie.


Thanks for your reply, Jordan. The Pure 13 7Nx S HA are advertised as ‘Made for iPhone’ and MFi Certified.


Thanks for the reply, Ken. I was wondering if generic BT transmitter would pair with these HA’s. Best Buy sells them pretty reasonably. I did however purchase the Signa BT streamer from my Audiologist for $141.


Just make sure it is low latency so that it sync with lip movement. This assumes you have the BT optional device.


I’m using a 6s. blah blah


I believe that I have a resolution to my Bluetooth problems. Working from responses that I received to this post and a little scientific inquiry (read trial and error), I have discovered some fixes.

First I guess is a ‘no brainer’. Battery life with my old Aquaris 701’s was approximately 11 days. The HR worked well the whole time until I got the warning tones that the battery was pretty much gone. With the new Pure 13’s, I get at best 4 days battery life. Using the Signa myControl app, the battery icon shows approx 25% remaining power. The iOS MFi (in Settings -> General -> Accessibility) shows a little less. I wish it would show a numerical value along with/instead of the graphical bar. At any rate, when the battery level falls to this point, Bluetooth gets flaky and will soon quit.

The second fix is a setting in the Settings of the phone. My audiologist set up my phone settings when I picked up these HA’s and I hadn’t changed them. As I started troubleshooting, in MFi Hearing Devices -> Audio Routing, I found that if I Set Call Audio to: Always Hearing Devices and Media Audio to: Automatic that the static, clicking and Bluetooth dropout was eliminated. My HA provider had originally set both of these options to: Always Hearing Devices. This might help explain why some Pure users experienced the problems that I had and some had no problems.

At this point, I am very happy with these new Pure 13 7Nx S 's and will be keeping them. I have a scheduled appointment this Friday with my audiologist to check on settings, etc. and will pass this information on to him.

I still have some suggestions as to how Signa can improve the myControl app. I seem to have an open door to a tech at Signa that I can pass the app improvements on to. I will start another thread for that purpose.

Thanks once again to all those who replied.