Siemens Vibe - any experience out there?

I went to the UK launch of the Siemens Vibe a week or so ago.

It is a jelly bean sized module which fits in the notch at the top of your ear, and a cable curls round to locate the speaker in the ear.

I found it a bit difficult to fit - but the ideal is cool.

Has anyone tried these in real life?

I saw it before and it is tiny. I won’t able to use it because it doesn’t support my hearing loss range.

I’ve tried the BTE aids for a month, work ok but make too much noise when I wear sunglasses, safety glasses at work. The new Vibes are out of the way and feel much more secure. I can even put on ear muffs for loud noise environments with no problems.

They hurt a bit, the space in my ear cleft is not used to a hard device. I was warned of this on day one, they said try it for a week. Some people like them, some people can’t handle it.
I like being able to mute them or adjust the program at a touch of a very tiny button, but the feedback beeps are descriptive enough.

Well after 7 days of use, my ears were too sore to continue. I returned them and will try BTE’s again, maybe the Pure model. I don’t know what percentage of the population can handle the Vibes.